Hello Kitty Pajama Bottoms on Men

It’s never a good sign when you see something in Hello Kitty Hell for the first time, but you can usually console yourself with the fact that it was most likely a one time abnormality that you will never have to witness again. It’s much more worrisome when that image appears for a second time in a different situation because this gets you thinking that you may be seeing the beginning of some horrifying trend that will mentally scar you for life. That is exactly the situation I now find myself in with Hello Kitty pajama bottoms being worn by men:

Hello Kitty pajama bottoms

Left by mybffmatty on Twitter

And the first image from the Hello Kitty significant other post

Hello Kitty pajamas

Sent in by Melanie

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16 Responses to Hello Kitty Pajama Bottoms on Men

  1. Kay says:

    i hope to god he bought those pj bottoms after he tried them on…. if not… some unlucky girl may take them home, ball sweat included.

  2. sheena says:

    HAHAHAHAHA! That’s what they get for not obeying the wife! :D

  3. submom says:

    They did say: Real men are not afraid of wearing pink. IMO: They are probably just hoping to get some since the plan of renting cute puppies or babies failed.

  4. yeli says:

    i hope your wife will never give you one of this…sleeping in a hello kitty sleeping bag is enough XD

  5. Sofia says:

    LOL! Didn’t you find that cute?;) Poor guys! Wonder how much they were paid to pose for that in those horrible things…

    Hope you get a lovely Hello Kitt free christmas!

  6. Laua says:

    HAHAHAHA winners!! love that store

  7. Liz S. says:

    Is it wrong that I think the guy in the second picture is kinda hot? (fyi “kinda” instead of “totally” because of the pink pj bottoms)

  8. Shakespeare_mara says:

    MAN!!! I can’t UNSEE THAT!!!

  9. Kelli says:

    Wow. That’s all I can say and not in a good way. Although I do give them credit for just putting the pajamas bottoms on.

  10. Alyse says:

    HAH I love this! That man is hilarious in the first shot. His wife prolly wouldn’t buy sexy lingerie until he took a picture in those!

  11. Tanzy Blue says:

    Real men admit they love Hello Kitty! : )

  12. kayla says:

    aww iwant some

  13. ashley says:

    haha this i hilarious:]

  14. Rocky Beach says:

    He looks drunk out of his mind :D :D :D :D :D

  15. pyjamaguy says:

    love those pink pyjama bottoms. he looks gorgeous wearing them also

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