Hello Kitty The Last Supper

Apparently the Last Supper painting had a slight flaw in the eyes of the evil feline — basically, she was left out of it:

hello kitty last supper

hello kitty last supper McDonalds

I’m not sure which painting is more illustrative of Hello Kitty: Hello Kitty as Jesus, the savior of all mankind, or that she believes that McDonalds french fries were an unforgivable omission from the event and needed to bring them along to rectify the situation. Of course, the worst part is that not matter how you look at it, Hello Kitty is going to be there when the apocalypse arrives, probably trying to sell you something until the very last moment…

Sent in by George who have to confess all his sins on a daily basis to Hello Kitty as punishment for ever thinking that sending these to me would be a good idea…

Update: Was there any doubt that more than one artist would think this would somehow be a good idea?

hello kitty last supper

Sent in by Megan via Adam Tupper

hello kitty last supper painting

Left by Tod in the comments (via facebook)

Sent in by Shane

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26 Responses to Hello Kitty The Last Supper

  1. SHEENA says:

    I knew she was related to Jesus. lol

  2. PWNcake says:

    slightly disturbing but I can forgive the lil kitty :0

  3. caryn says:

    Hello Kitty leprechaun? With French fries?

  4. CherryTeresa says:

    Now, this is a religion I could join.

  5. Liz says:

    Well, Jesus ate with gentiles, prostitutes, and tax collectors, for the sake of helping them. Why not the evil feline? She needs it lol

  6. kitteh!! says:

    I don’t get the HK leprechaun either!!

  7. Sanriobaby =^.^= says:


  8. SHEENA says:

    Is that Mcdonalds fries in the pic with kitty? lmao

  9. darlene 17 says:

    It isnt blasphemy it’s beautiful and that’s the difference between the haters and those who have accepted Hello Kitty into their hearts. This is what art is about and if you cannot perceive that then I pity you.

  10. monica says:

    is also very estupid,you offend my religion is something of but the low thing, he is very fool.

  11. BiteMe says:

    darlene, honestly, not only is it blasphamatic but it is a fictional character. if you love hello kitty so much why go on this site?

  12. leslie says:


  13. Ann says:

    Hello Kitty is my copilot!!! AH HA HA HA!!!

  14. ireon says:

    lol :) yall crazzii but nice

  15. osiris says:

    Tooo funny omg who thaught of this is crazy

  16. Stephers says:

    there is one redeeming possibility on the first picture. You can kinda see Jesus’ arms behind the kitty, and it looks like Kitty is standing on the table. So I’m thinking 13 dudes were about to eat that cat. The other white meat.

  17. Sally says:

    I LOVE hello kitty and I cant say im very religius BUT I didnt like seeing this to me it seems wrong no one takes Jesus place not even my beloved hello kitty :)

  18. Why Hello Kitty? That’s just not right at all… :(

  19. vanessa says:

    I agree with sally….I am a hello kitty fan….after looking at this site I feel sorry for the husband…I think there’s nothing wrong with being an hell kitty fan but some have tooken it to the extreme…an this last super is EXTREME…hello kitty can not an NEVER will replace JESUS CHRIST…its not a joke…its not funny…its not cute….it total LAME!….some jus have to much time on there hands…maybe if they had a life they wouldn’t have to sit around an think of bs like this…ph there parnets must be proud…..SMH!

  20. vanessa says:

    Let me guess the person would made this picture is….on unemployment…single an still a virgin ;)

  21. YeahNotSoMuch says:

    Congratulations Sanrio! You have officially become the bane of the christian society. Catholics everywhere are plotting your demise through picket signs and threats of eternal damnation. I believe this calls for a celebration!

    anyone up for a Hello Kitty slumber party in that latex bed over there? ;)

  22. ale love says:

    i think the paintings are cool
    but you shouldn’t replace Jesus

  23. I am a surreal kitty artist myself and I love these renditions. What I think the artist with the McDonalds fries is saying is the mass corporatisation and fast food society ethos has taken over even religion now. A quick fix. Hello Kitty much as I love her is still part of the brand culture in which we live. Its making Jesus’s Last Supper more relevant to todays culture by having fries. Hello Kitty is a religion in a way. Religion is a man made construct anyway so why should it be offensive? Its bringing it to a modern audience.

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