Jesus Tattoo

It just never stops. When I listed the first set of Hello Kitty Tattoos, I naively thought that the topic wouldn’t come up again. It didn’t take long for the Hello Kitty Star Wars Storm Trooper tattoo to appear, then the Hello Kitty Batman tattoo which I, again, thought would put things to an end. But then there was the Hello Kitty zombie tattoo and then Hello Kitty zombie II tattoo. I felt those were never gong to be able to be topped until I saw the Hello Kitty scarification which pretty much clinched the title in my opinion, but alas, things always get worse in Hello Kitty Hell…

I know you read the title of this post and were shaking your head in disbelief even before you looked at what I have written. You thought that I was exaggerating to draw you into the blog because there is no way in Hell (Hello Kitty or otherwise) that anyone would ever get a Hello Kitty Jesus tattoo. Hello Kitty fanatics are wacko, but there is a line even they will not cross, right? See, I have had that delusion too, but it always proves to be wrong because fanatics of the evil feline don’t know what a line looks like that shouldn’t be crossed. Thus, the Hello Kitty Jesus tattoo:

Hello Kitty Jesus tattoo

No problem, I’m more than happy to wait a few minutes while you clean up the mess on your computer screen and keyboard before writing more. Take your time and make sure that all food and drink have been expelled from your stomach before attempting to look again. No, it’s not a problem that you need to run to the bathroom again because while cleaning up you noticed that it really does say “Hello Kitty is my Jesus” – I’ve already been there and understand that the food just won’t stay down…

Each year I look at what Hello Kitty Hell the previous year provided and have a small glimmer of hope that things can’t get any worse. I pat myself on the back for surviving another year without gouging my eyes out with Hello Kitty forks (or spoons or chopsticks or basically any utensil since they have all been Hello Kittified) due to all the Hello Kitty that surrounds me and imagine that the worst is surely over. Then within the first two weeks of the New Year, something like this ends up in my mailbox to remind me that Hello Kitty Hell can always get worse and 2008 is going to bring unbearable amounts of Hello Kitty pain…

Sent in by tattoo artist Brian from Youngstown, Ohio who deserves the worst of the worst that Hello Kitty can offer for not only thinking for a second that it was a good idea to send this photo to me, but for also giving notice of what 2008 is going to be like in Hello Kitty Hell…

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196 Responses to Jesus Tattoo

  1. luga says:


  2. deidre says:

    When judgment day comes gods gonna tell them to go to hello kitty heaven oh wait there isn’t a hello kitty heaven

  3. D says:

    oh this is so wrong…. good grief.
    what idiot would do that?? and why???? stupid.
    so SO wrong.

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  5. myrtle says:


    your insulting us.

    doNt use the name of ore Lord in vain!

  6. Clarie says:

    *Deeply offended* Man……no…That person is gonna burn in the foulest pits hell. Nothin beautiful bout that.

  7. DougTheBug says:

    All you christians stfu. No one, including the wearer of the tattoo care if you find it offensive. Jesus, if he was actually still alive would probably be laughing his ass off.

  8. javi says:

    OMG! i love HK! but not to that extent, he ruin hello kitty.
    shame to whoever have this tattoo . you should be sorry to jesus, damn, very disturbing!

  9. poop eater says:

    Oh my God!
    I Love Hello kitty but my golly who would go that extreme??

  10. Ben says:

    jesus still loves you :)
    and me :D

  11. MADMaddy says:

    Personally, I don’t see the problem in this. You see, in this world (believe it or not) not everyone is religious or unbelievably religious to the extent of following every “rule and regulation” of every religion. You can flame and hate this person all you want. You can even flame and hate me for pointing out the truth, but take a look in the mirror and look really closely and HONESTLY say you have never “broken a rule of religion”. For those of you that think this is WRONG, you are hypocrites and liars to yourself. I will openly admit that I’m not perfect, but I also don’t follow a fictitious being that was made up so mankind could look up to someone. I’m not a follower, look at government. Sine the start we have have Kings, Pharos, Czars, Monarchs, Tyrants, Presidents, and any other form of “Higher Power” you can think of. Mankind has always looked for something greater than itself to follow. So stop ranting and raving about people that have FREE WILL and get out of your house and go do something that you WANT to do of your own FREE WILL.


  12. amanda says:

    UMMMM retarddssss who cares i think the tat is cool….
    im not religious or anything like that but hello kitty makes anything look amazing.
    get over yourselves religious freaks “GOD” isnt even real and neither is jesus!!!
    its all fakeee

  13. Miss Lectrix says:

    THIS IS DISTURBING! Hello Kitty is not a god! This is incredibly offensive to a lot of religions.

  14. pookadook says:

    Where’s the Hello Kitty Allah?

  15. Sharon says:


    Hello Kitty is the ANTI-Christ.

  16. (raccoon) says:

    thats pretty hot!
    i just drew out a hello kitty tattoo for a buddy of mine.
    its hello kitty with her eyes gauged out, holding an inverted cross. not sure if i should put the 666 on her forehead tho…
    and i dont see why your making such a big deal about what someone else wanted. its their body not yours. i like offensive tattoos. i kinda want random numbers tattooed on the inner middle part of my left arm. religions are stupid. but i guess some people need something to believe in when they have nothing better to do.

  17. (raccoon) says:

    “jesus loves me he loves me abunch cuz he always puts skippy in my lunch!”

    ya know… god doesnt put the bread on the table. my paycheck does.

  18. caveman says:

    all of you jesus freaks need to grow up i mean serously its a tattoo ive got worse stuff on my bedroom walls i mean jesus and harry potter are the characters out of a fictonal book it never happend god was how early people explaned earth quakes and eclipses and stuff like that i realised god was a load of you know what when i was like 10 god is a crutch for the week minded.

  19. Nikki says:

    This is so bad on so many levels. Hello Kitty, Jesus, and a sucky tattoo. Wow.

    Thanks to the tat artist who explained the creation of it. And whoever decided to get this idiocy permanently engraved in his/her body deserves whatever they get.

  20. EmilyyAwesome! says:

    I think it’s funny

    If I saw someone with that I would so give them a high 5

    Though I wouldn’t get it personally

  21. Raccoon says:

    i agree with emily awesome,
    if i saw someone with that id give them a high five! then id scissor them and do witch craft with my new lesbian friend, or id get a sex change and have premarital gay sex with my new gay friend and do witch craft with them, and go shopping on SUNDAYS.

  22. EmilyyAwesome! says:

    @ raccoon

    Sounds like the perfect day out, assize from the whole scissor thing (:

  23. raccoon ( says:

    EmilyyAwesome you are the greatest!!! :D

  24. Maaike. says:

    ‘Hello Kitty Is My Jesus’

    No offence but look, Jesus died. So will this Kitty do?

  25. MandaB says:

    Create a jesus hybrid of anything and I’m gonna laugh at it

  26. kittyluv says:

    This is disgusting. Worshiping Hello Kitty is one thing but this tatoo is another thing. It’s offensive, wrong, and getting tatoos is violating God’s work that it took to make you. Anyone with a mind wouldn’t get this. The only thing that could make this worse is if everyone else had it on their body.

  27. brittney says:

    christians in general are uneducated.there’s far too much science these days to prove anything about christianity true.on the other hand, hello kitty is awesome<3

  28. Mandarin Kitten says:

    wow… one one hand, we would somewhat want her crucified, but on the other, we don’t worship her… weird…

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  30. Shiromaku says:

    That’s just screwed up! You don’t mix religion with the economy! I bet it this made alot Christians pissed and offended!

  31. TEEHEE! says:

    That’s messed up, who would put the devil with Jesus?

  32. olivia gorman says:




  33. KALI WILSON says:


  34. kate says:

    This tattoo is hilarious. Look at those little bleeding holes! Fictional human sacrifice has never looked so cute. This was probably one of the most original and fun tattoos that the tattoo artist has ever done. What a great idea… So jealous I didn’t think of it first.

    When HK and JC come together, a world of hilarity ensues.

  35. Lilly says:

    That’s the most horrible thing I’ve ever seen.

  36. Nana says:

    ….skjgkj I feel the need to go to Confession for just having looked at this.
    (Before any anti-religious people, jump on me, I’m not “judging;” I’m just saying that it gives me, personally, the creeps. Not all Christians are raving loony Pentecostals, sheesh.)

  37. im getting a hello kitty tattoo on my right shoulder.
    shes holding and upside down crucifix, her eyes are gauged out, and shes gonna have the mark of the beast on her forehead.

  38. Ariel says:

    OMG this is hilarious! I honestly had to turn away from the screen out of shock and laugh. :)

    I am NOT offended at all by this tattoo and I am a Christian. Just take it easy people! There are so many worse things to be offended by than this tattoo which was obviously done for a little comic relief for Hello Kitty lovers and haters alike. :)

    Very cute and funny!

  39. Rachel says:

    wtf.. people are crazy.

  40. Loutg says:

    i was just wondering ..Does anyone know what font that writing is, as i would like that writing on a tattoo of mine? .Thanks

  41. Person says:

    Too bad Hello Kitty doesn’t offer you the awsome promises God has for you.

  42. @Comment #192 Too bad God doesnt offer you toast with his cute little face printed on it.

  43. Marcy says:

    GOD awful! (No pun intended) Whoever tats anything Hello Kitty related on their body is just stupid.

  44. ├ćnim A Jubatus says:

    AMAZING!!! xD

  45. Kishmish says:

    Yeah, but the truth is that Hello Kitty will NEVER die for us—She will make US die…for HER.

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