Hello Kitty Plane

I guess it’s sort of appropriate that EVA Air has announced today that they will once again start flying Hello Kitty planes since this is the time of the year when things that you thought were long dead come back to life in order to both haunt you and eat your brain (something that the evil feline seems quite adept at doing). Yes, there will be a Hello Kitty plane once again to torture all those that have the unfortunate curse of actually knowing a fanatic that would think this is a good thing. Supposedly there are going to be 3 different Hello Kitty airplanes (just to increase the pain to the next level) that will be based out of the place that also gives the world the Hello Kitty airport, although Eva Air unveiled only this Hello Kitty plane pattern today:

Hello Kitty plane Eva Air

Hello Kitty Eva Air jet

As with the previous Hello Kitty airline campaign, the outside, inside, and many of the on-board accessories (boarding passes, napkins, baggage tags, flight attendant aprons) of the planes will be decked out with Hello Kitty which should give all military forces across the world a tempting target. The only possible good that might come out of this terrifying news is the return of the Hello Kitty barf bag since they will once again be in great demand…

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14 Responses to Hello Kitty Plane

  1. pepsibookcat says:

    I…. I must. I must, must, must, must, must.

  2. Dakota says:

    OMG I may still have a chance!! =0

  3. sunshinehellokitty says:

    Great!! I must fly on it…

  4. Nick says:

    The plane is sweet..

  5. kitteh!! says:

    Red Leader to control; we have Bogie in sight, and it’s decorated with Hello Kitty, Fox 3 Fox 3 Fox 3… ;)

  6. kitteh!! says:

    @Gail, totally love it! :D xx

  7. Acton says:

    Even the grond support equpment has been Kittyized. I woudl love to fly it.

    Actually there will be three jets. The new logojets are themed Magic Jet, Apple Jet and Global Jet. The Magic jet is my least farvorite.

    If I was a super rich CEO I rent one and buzz MR HK home for his defiance of the cute one.
    Then again I would be an interesting subject in the tabloids; “CEO travels with stash of phushies also known for his room parties at SF, Anime and Furry cons often seen at Sanrio stores”

  8. Sanriobaby =^.^= says:

    Anything to make my flying experience more enjoyable is a good thing. Including HK into the experience is just a bonus!!!

  9. Jamie W says:

    Ok even though I hate flying, I would fly on this and love it!!

  10. Liz says:

    Are we all ten years old now? Is that what this is? Because I’d feel like I was a little kid on this plane and not in a good way.

  11. kitteh!! says:

    @Liz – “Fox 3″ means “I have just fired an active radar homing air to air missile”. Still think I’m 10?

  12. Acton says:

    Not so fast check your six. HKF-22 weapons free.
    Sratch Red leader.

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