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Hello Kitty AirplaneOne aspect of living in a Hello Kitty Hell is that Hello Kitty fanatics don’t think like normal people. Their minds get so obsessed with Hello Kitty that the main object of anything suggested gets turned around from what has been suggested to Hello Kitty.

I treasure the trips that I take. When we travel, it means I get some reprieve from Hello Kitty – at least that was the case several years ago. It’s now getting more and more difficult as this recent conversation can attest:

me: I’d like to plan an overseas trip. Where would you like to go?

wife: Oh, I don’t care. Any place is fine.

me: I was thinking about South America. Maybe Argentina.

wife: No, not there.

me: How about someplace in Africa. I’d really like to see the wildlife there.

wife: No, not there.

me: How about Russia? I’ve always thought that would be a great place to visit.

wife: No, not there.

me: I thought you said that any place was fine. That you didn’t care.

wife: I don’t as long as we can travel on this plane (takes me to her computer to show me the below photo) and it doesn’t go to those places.

Hello Kitty Airplane
me: That is a Taiwanese plane. We can only go to Taiwan. wife: Great, I’m glad we can agree where we want to go…

So our next overseas trip has been delegated to EVA air and wherever their Hello Kitty airplane goes. Of course, once she got it into her mind that this was acceptable, she had to show me photos of what the trip was going to be like. The stewardesses will all be wearing Hello Kitty uniforms:

Hello Kitty Stewardess

But it doesn’t stop there. The interior of the plane is decorated Hello Kitty and even cups, trays and snacks:

Hello Kitty Airplane Snacks
Hello Kitty Airplane Snacks

Worst of all? Even the food is Hello Kitty. 

Hello Kitty Airplane Food

Now why is it when terrorists blow up planes, they never have the decency to blow up the planes that would be a service to the world?

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79 Responses to Hello Kitty Travel

  1. libbie and libbie says:

    hello kitty hell ???
    i wont say hell about it
    its great
    i want to go x !!!!

    p.s this is bulling hello kitty
    a sweet lil kitty
    how dare you


  2. landacious says:

    hi just want to know wer is this place??? im very much interested and want to go there… pls tell me

  3. taylor says:

    uhhhhhhhhh how can i get on this plane i wud really like to know

  4. Rei says:

    Foul foul foul foul!!! I should bring my aunt to one of these so she can barf non stop in it!

  5. Acton says:

    One aspect of your hell will end, EVA will end it Sanrio promotion and take the jest out id service starting in December 2008.

  6. Miss T says:

    I’ve flown EVA Air. It’s actually a great airline, better than American Airlines, Delta, etc. Hello Kittified or not (because not all of their planes are like this) the food is pretty good, they still give you pillows, blankets, hot towel, etc. And the stewardesses are actually really friendly.

  7. C.M. says:

    I’m a huge Sanrio fan. I love poking in and seeing what else you put up on this site..you’re awesome =^..^= (and so is your wife! )

  8. Š???o? says:

    Kitttty is my favourite character i like heer alooooooooooot and i hope that u r gonna open a sanrio shop in kuwait thnx

  9. hello kitty fav says:

    i m just a small girl from singapore, but it is ot an offence to like hello kitty right? by the way, the name”hello kitty hell” sounds scary u know!!! people will thing hello kitty as an evil thing!!!! u people r just evil!!!!!!!!!!! im so young and i already know how to appreciate things. but u adults. . . . .sigh. . . . . . .

  10. hello kitty fav says:

    EVERY BODY TAT WROTE ON THIS WEBSITE, PLS TAKE BACK WAT U SAY OK?hello kitty is not a scary thing…

  11. acton says:

    Eva and Sanrio has ended the program, both planes have been taken out of service.

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  13. Ashleigh-ellan says:

    Now, I’m terrified of flying and planes and such but my boyfriend wants to go to America…

    KITTY Plane :D

  14. josephine says:

    if you REALLY like hello kitty, will you want to eat food in shape of them??
    “OMG, i am bitting off HK’s head!!”

  15. lis says:

    WOW……That is just waaaaaaaay to far, well at least the plane idnt pink
    P.s is it me or does the staff look kinda scared “lets just keep smiling mabye we wont cath thier crazynies”

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  17. MJH says:

    Did it occur to you that you could’ve told your wife that you DIDN’T agree on going to Taiwan?
    This would possibly send you to the couch, but you know… pointing it out that you didn’t mention that you WANTED to go to Taiwan .. ehh.. you know what I mean

  18. heatherjrock says:

    WHAT?! I saw no such plane in the Taiwanese Airport…*sob*

  19. Furst says:

    I was passing thru the Taiwan airport and there is a Hello Kitty gate. You don’t actually board a plane there, but it is right next to the Hello Kitty store. I guess I am not a real Hello Kitty fan because I did not know this place existed. In googling for more information, I discovered that there is a hospital in Taiwan with a Hello Kitty maternity ward. Did you know this? Has your wife had a baby yet? Urm, i am thinking I can guess where she will want to deliver.

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  21. jangod39 says:

    Man, this is the most wtfesque thing I´ve ever seen. My sympathies are with you.

  22. Dymond~Kitty says:

    Heavenly music and stars and dizziness are in my head lol. I must get on this airline. This is the best. I’m so glad I found this site and don’t feel like the only HK pyscho in the world… still hearing the music ; )

  23. jane says:

    I dont know why I like her as a child. She slowly started to get to me now I totally hate her. and my friend has hello kitty everywhere and the walls are all pink I want to die everytime I walk in or sleep in hello kitty blankets.

  24. caren hatem says:

    i love this hallokitty plane its so cute i think its like the best plane and the best service so go hello kitty plane but dont make a bom and fall in the ocean i dont wanna give anyone bad thoughts but who nows it might happen i love hellokitty so much

  25. Ignacio says:

    You should have come to Argentina ):

  26. Chris says:

    Um I’d have to drag my friends along just so I could watch all the insecure people freak out. Awww yeah would be good times and I don’t really like HK but this just looks so ridiculous its great. Kinda can’t decide if I’d go in standard goth/nu-metal style just to freak out all the pink wearing people. :O Plus I’ve always wanted to see Matsumoto castle anyway and eat some good sushi.

    §tay §ic

  27. Mathieu says:

    This reminds me of another plane that is Pokemon themed. These planes really do appeal to the die hard of fans. However, I am still tempted to see how far can they customize the plane to suit Hello Kitty.

  28. Janicia says:

    wah sieh!!! so good…. i am going on june 3…. so far,i had only seated a few normal aeeroplanes!!!! NOT like this so good.. all hello kitty things..

  29. Kiera says:

    Yknow… I’m a girl and even the absurdity of the HK shaped/designed food made my mouth literally drop open in a combination of shock, disbelief and horror o.O

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