Hello Kitty Dog Tattoo

There are a lot of things that are just plain wrong with Hello Kitty fanatics. Getting a Hello Kitty tattoo is one of them. Getting a Hello Kitty Star Wars tattoo is even worse. But when Hello Kitty fanatics start tattooing their dog with Hello Kitty, there has been a boundary that has been crossed. Can there be a bigger insult if you are a dog? Having to go around in life with a Hello Kitty tattoo because you owner thought it would be “cute.” That dog must have been teased mercilessly by the other dogs at the park…

Hello Kitty tattoo dog

Hello Kitty dog tattoo

Which leads me to my latest Hello Kitty fear. If a Hello Kitty fanatic would be willing to place a Hello Kitty tattoo on their dog, then obviously my wife would have no problem tattooing me with Hello Kitty. I think I’m going to have to be extra careful from now on when I go out drinking or I may end up with they same exact Hello Kitty Hell that dog must endure…

This was sent in by a number of readers including hellopink, Tim, Hayley and cuterthanu – may all of you have to wear a Hello Kitty tattoo yourself…

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  1. Guys, calm down aye? It was in absolute no pain, if you actually read it properly it says it was numbed. So it didn’t feel anything. I think it is a pretty good idea to leave a logo/mark on your pet so you know it is your dog; and if someone finds it they know it was owned.

  2. Okay let me first say I baby my pets and would never be able to handle my pet getting a tat just to ID them as mine.I have seen humans walk funny because of ouching after a tat(I do not have any, nor do I want any) even with good reason of theif risk and good vet care during/ after I could not bring myself to getting one for my pets.Okay I asked my vet if kids pre-shot numbing rub can be used on pets.

  3. Both of my dog’s got tattoo’s when they were fixed (male & female sign’s). My county makes it mandatory i guess. The vet said they did it while the dog was asleep. We also microchiped them that day. That would be the only case i would be ok w/ this, and even being a super big hk fan— Im still not sure i’d have them put in the extra time to do that much work on the dog. My dog was miserable enough when she came home from that whole thing..

  4. My dogs and cats get tattooed when they get fixed. All are female so they get an ‘s’ tattooed to prove they have been fixed. I don’t know if more than an S would be something I would do. (The vet does the actual tattooing). Easy way to identify your dog I guess. Not sure I agree with a kitty.. but hey.. our dog is named kitty.

  5. Tattooing a dog is not in any way cruel or even uncommon. There’s not enough information on the poster, but most likely the tattoo was after the dog was spayed. Some vets put tattoos on a pet’s stomach after they are fixed so that if they are ever lost and found, the person that finds them won’t try to spay/neuter them again. Her vet probably let her select what tattoo to put on her tummy – and she just so happened to choose Hello Kitty. I adopted my dog from a shelter where they spay/neuter before sending them home – after he was neutered they gave him a weird shaped tattoo near his groin area. Where I live just about all the shelters tattoo dogs after they are fixed!

  6. it’s for id purposes, tattoos dont even hurt its not cruelty it a pin prick for a few seconds then when your dog/cat or whatever goes missing others can tell its yours its not cruelty those who say it is are closed minded idiots

  7. Actually tattoos on pets is very common. A lot of people who raise champion blood lines have a special mark that they have tattooed on their animals in case they are stolen or go missing. There is no mistaking it as yours when it is marked. It’s no different than branding livestock, or a horse other than its a lot less painful for a shorter period of time. Additionally, a lot of vets offer this type of identification markings. They do put the animal under light anesthesia and they do it. Would you rather find your dog if its stolen and be able to have a positive ID on it or find it and be told “well we can’t prove its yours because they claim it is theres and they have people to back them up” and you never get your dog back?

  8. Why are people dumb? Stop acting like the other dogs are laughing at this dog for having a tattoo. They’re dogs. They don’t care. Look at the picture of this canine. Does it look ashamed? No. The dog got the tattoo while it was under anesthesia. It didn’t feel a thing. It’s merely a simple mark ON HER UNDERBELLY that’ll identify her to it’s owner and others. I for one think it’s brilliant. If I ever find a small dog with a hello kitty tattoo, I’ll know exactly who she belongs to. Think about that next time you speak before you think.

  9. Has no one ever heard of micro chipping a dog for identification? Seems a little smarter, and better than tattooing a dog since it contains a serial number that is used to look up the owners name, address, and phone number. Seems a little nicer, and smarter to me….

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