Hello Kitty Transformer

In her undying quest to be involved in anything pop culture, Hello Kitty has morphed into a Hello Kitty sewing machine transformer:

Hello Kitty transformer

My wife thinks this is “the greatest thing ever” (but then everything Hello Kitty is the greatest thing ever – no point trying to argue that it is impossible for everything to be “the greatest thing ever” at the same time, because while normal people know this makes absolutely no sense, we once again find that Hello Kitty fanatics don’t care) and wants one for herself.

wife: “I want one of those. It’s the greatest thing ever!”

me: “I don’t think it’s real…”

wife: “You’re just saying that because you don’t want me to get one. Just like the Hello Kitty car tail pipe.”

me: “no, that’s not true…” (thinking: “this is bad…I’m never going to be able to use that trick again…”)

wife: “It’s a toy you would like. I’ll let you play with it too.”

me: “That’s funny…” (accidentally laughing out loud thinking: “this is the person who sent me to the couch for a week because I used Hello Kitty toilet paper properly…”)

wife: “You don’t believe me!?” (with the Hello Kitty Hell look starting to sparkle in her eye – me thinking: “uh oh, this is not good…abandon ship…get out of this conversation as quickly as possible”)

me: (stammering trying to recover) “no…no, that’s not what I meant at all. What I meant was that I know how valuable everything Hello Kitty is to you and wouldn’t dream of disturbing your Hello Kitty items…” (thinking: “damn, you’re getting better at this. That was one hell of a comeback!”)

wife: “So what you’re saying is that I can get it and you won’t touch it.”

me: “Right” (thinking: whew, that was a close one and no Hello Kitty sleeping bag and couch tonight)

It took me a few minutes to realize the Hello Kitty conversation had ended much too amicably and going through the conversation again, I began to wonder if I had just told her it was OK to buy a Hello Kitty sewing machine? Now I sit here in a classic Hello Kitty Hell quandary – if I bring up the subject again, I’ll likely end up on the couch in the Hello Kitty sleeping bag, but if I don’t say anything, I’m bound to find a Hello Kitty sewing machine transformer at our door soon (yes, even if I know it doesn’t exist, believe me, she’ll figure out a way to find one…) Another typical no win situation day in Hello Kitty Hell.

Thanks to linda (via something awful) who should have to buy a Hello Kitty transformer sewing machine and use it daily for bringing this to my wife’s attention…

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32 Responses to Hello Kitty Transformer

  1. Mattski says:

    I commend you on your ability to live with such torture; I would have shot myself long ago!


  2. Psychomike says:

    If only the Hello Kitty people applied this creative energy to national security.

    Ian Fleming once used a typewriter that could transform into a bike in his Intel days.

    He might have actually liked the sewing machine/ Hello Kitty giant robot……

  3. dkwok says:

    This is the best post ever. I can imagine having the same conversion with my wife. The funniest part is that my wife really did order this same exact sewing machine last week. It’s scheduled to arrive today.

    “Transformers, More than meets the eye.”

  4. Amaranthim says:

    You know – you have got to get control of this sleeping on the couch thing! May I suggest some Hello Kitty Handcuffs and maybe some Hell Kitty Duct Tape!?

  5. Jennifer says:

    I fear HK handcuffs and HK duct tape might traumatize HKHGuy from ever having sex again…

  6. Siouxie says:

    I love HK but the last thing I want is to have all my HK stuff morph into other stuff. HAHAHAHA

  7. Diemster says:

    whats next, hello kitty valve stem caps for ur wheels lol

  8. Jam says:

    I have to stock up on that HK toilet paper!!

  9. Alfred says:

    Your wife AS ALWAYS is right! Greatest thing EVER indeed! You are a lucky man to have such a doll for a wifey!!!

  10. wiseblood says:

    Thanks for the great find here. I have linked the post here: http://www.theblogblog.net/?p=802

  11. daft says:

    you do realize that thing is from one of their photoshop phridays right? The theme was turn an item into a transformer that week

    so that hello kitty sewing machine transformers isn’t real.

    link to the article here. http://www.somethingawful.com/d/photoshop-phriday/new-transformers-robots.php

  12. wiseblood says:

    Thanks so much daft. I will make that adjustment in my post as well. I really appreciate you including the link to the actual post.

  13. mimi says:

    okay, while i do like Hello Kitty, they have officially gone too far! D:U

  14. catlover says:

    tks to you now my bf is dying to have one of these awful transformers. i have nothing against hello kitty or transformers, but this? i refuse to let it be seen in any corner of my place!

  15. catlover says:

    oh just saw its not real! hahahaha! daft you made my day! no, let me reform it, you saved me!

  16. logan mcmanama says:

    i know i should not laugh at another mans hell,
    but omg this is very funny
    i have to ask is the hello kitty sleeping bag on the couch pink?

  17. Leanne says:

    the transformer part isn’t real, the sewing machine part is.

  18. annie says:

    Hello Kitty sewing machine is nice but when it is transformed into a transformer it became ugly with a pretty HK head on a big robotic body

  19. Wudy love hk says:

    I loue kitty white aka hellokitty so what if her tranformer sewin machine fake shd yell didnt make it im a real hk fan i got half of all the crp she dnt made. quit the gossip !!

  20. Andy says:

    I like transformers and i think optimus prime could kick hello kittys ass in a fight.

  21. Zon says:

    lol WHIPPED

  22. Donia says:

    My HelloKitty sewing machine doesn’t transform! Lame. :P

  23. Buffy says:

    … what the &^$(

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  25. Edna_Mode says:

    Whoa, your wife said that? Funny!

    I bought that sewing machine for my kids. It actually works really well and is just right for them unlike the toy ones that don’t work and break easily. I guess it’s a good thing it doesn’t transform…seems like that would be dangerous.

  26. icess says:

    hurt urself with it then she’ll put it away!

  27. Amber says:

    LMFAO That Is Funny! LOL LOL LOL! :D

  28. STACInotSCENE says:

    so creepyxD its weapon

  29. weeeasel says:

    People on this site have apparently never heard of SomethingAwful.com.

  30. Karen says:

    You poor guy. I can understand your overload, but rejoice… at least you don’t have to wear HK pajamas!

  31. Meeta says:

    what is the price of hello kitty sawing machine

  32. yuki says:

    I like itttttttttttttt so muchhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! :) :P (^^^)

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