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Hello Kitty Music CD Hello World

It’s never a good sign when I receive emails from numerous readers about something Hello Kitty, but it’s even worse when the publicity department backing the evil feline also feels that sending me a press release is a positive thing to do. Thus was the case of the new Hello Kitty music CD that has been released with cringe inducing song samples to make you feel like you want to vomit for the rest of the day (warning – don’t … Continue reading

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Hello Kitty Mail

Some random Hello Kitty mail that has made its way into my email box: I enjoy reading your blog, and I think it’s even more funny that you are helping hello kitty fanatics find more ideas of things to buy. I have an honest question. I am 25 yrs, I don’t quite think of myself in a “midlife crisis” (unless I live to 50, of course) but why is it that I have become so obsessed with Sanrio and Hello … Continue reading

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Hello Kitty Car License Plate

One would assume that a personalized Hello Kitty license plate (or two) would be about as bad as it could get (although they do have those Hello Kitty license plate thingies that don’t even have names), but that would be greatly underestimating the evil feline. It appears that she was able to slip a few bucks under the table and somehow convince the people of Queensland that it would be a good idea of giving them the option to buy … Continue reading

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Hello Kitty Pinata

If there are Hello Kitty Mexican wrestling masks, there really shouldn’t be any surprise that Hello Kitty pinatas also exist. I just wasn’t quite expecting a Hello Kitty pinata like this when I opened the email:

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Ask Hello Kitty Hell

I know I’m going to regret this, but in an effort to hopefully stop Hello Kitty fanatics sending me so much email, I’ve decided to put together a frequently asked questions section (yes, it’s a sad day in Hello Kitty Hell when I have to create a FAQ section). Have a question? Here’s your chance.

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Hello Kitty Roomba

Hello Kitty couldn’t leave hands free house clean-up with the Hello Kitty robomop and decided that they also needed to have a Hello Kitty Roomba:

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Hello Kitty Animal Abuse

I don’t know if it can get much worse than this – except if my wife was doing the same to me…

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Hello Kitty Vogue Hommes

Most people, when they hear the concept of men fashion combined with Hello Kitty, have to try hard not to fall into a fit of hysterical laughter at the pure absurdity of it all. That doesn’t dissuade the evil feline and her cohorts at Sanrio from trying to convince the world that Hello Kitty and men belong together. Take this photo for example:

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Hello Kitty Eye Mask

You have the Hello Kitty face mask, the Hello Kitty Mexican wrestling mask and even the Hello Kitty welding helmet mask to scare the Hello Kitty Hell out of you, but the evil feline doesn’t like to stop when she is on a roll. That is the only conceivable reason that the people at Sanrio would think that the Hello Kitty eye mask could be a good idea:

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Hello Kitty Colon

If you just read the title of this post, you probably had your heart skip a beat. While it’s not quite that bad and is safe for work, it’s still definitely Hello Kitty Hellish. Not that Hello Kitty really needs anything to go with the Hello Kitty guts, but since the Japanese like to brand their snacks with names that probably wouldn’t sell well in the US, you have things like Hello Kitty Collon:

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Hello Kitty Online Game Trailer

Yep, this pretty much typifies what I imagine Hell looks like (warning: you don’t want to watch it – spare yourself the trauma and move onto something else. You’ll save yourself from numerous nightmares in the nights to come).

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Hello Kitty Disposable Solar Cell Phone Charger

While there are many things that trouble me in Hello Kitty Hell, whenever it has to do with my wife’s Hello Kitty cell phone I have no other choice but cringe. That’s exactly what I did when she discovered the Hello Kitty disposable solar cell phone charger:

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