Hello Kitty Babies Scarred for Life

What’s worse than going to a Hello Kitty Hospital to have a baby delivered? Being the baby that is delivered in the Hello Kitty hospital:

Hello Kitty hospital nursery

Hello Kitty hospital newborn babies

Hello Kitty hospital room

You know those babies are scarred for life. What else would you expect if the first thing you see upon opening your eyes is hospital staff dressed head to toe in the evil feline? Then they go and dress you in Hello Kitty as well.

Of course, my wife thinks it’s the greatest thing ever and that when we have kids, that is where we have to go to get them delivered. I never thought I would say this, but a vasectomy is starting to look real good in Hello Kitty Hell at the moment…

Sent in by arry (via reuters) who should have to have all future kids delivered at that hospital as punishment for thinking even for a split second that sending me these photos could bring about anything good in the world…

79 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Babies Scarred for Life

  1. if u ask me…. hello Kitty hospital is the gayest thing i have ever seen and it would be pure hell to have mi babi let alone ani babi dere.

    • HEY!! ITS NOT OFFENDING ANYONE!!! I would love to have my baby in a nicely decorated hospital like this!! And “gay” not a nice word,so watch what you’re saying!!

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  3. I love HK !!! But, yes but, I could not have a kid there. Especialy if it where a boy. He would be scarred for life or just become a fruitcake lol!! ewwwww!

  4. Um, okay, I keep reading hoping that at some point you’ll say all these Hello Kitty… things are just a joke.

    But I now think it’s all REAL.


    Has the world always been so obsessed with Hello Kitty and I haven’t known?

    If it wasn’t so scary, it would be hilarious.

    I am very afraid.

  5. WOW! I was just commenting that if surgery is needed, I want a Hello Kitty doctor.

    Should have known there would be a Hello Kitty Hospital somewhere in Hello Kitty Hell.

    This is adorable and it looks very clean and well organized.

  6. Wait if it was a girl babie itd be fine boy umm that would kina be embreising. Ahh i rember the frist time i wacthed hk, it scared me alot so i ……..cant rember that part!

  7. I agree with stephanie – the worst part to me is the pink…waaaay too much pink. I think it would be cuter if they did it cream. OR maybe instead of ALL HK they could use HK stuff on the girl babies and Kerropi (Sanrio’s version of a weird eye’s frog) on the boy babies. I love HK but this is a little excessive.

  8. ok, hello kitty land, now we have hk hospitals, what next hello kitty funeral homes with caskets. if any one knows where i can get one let me know. lol, BUT SERIOUS………

  9. Dude..ur such a hater..i know pink can be a color u don’t want to see repeatedly..if ur so over it..? Why do this? Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But if this makes you sick..then stop making this research..or u just like to talk shit on HK? LOL

    -Well whatever it is…

    It seems like your the only one here who doesnt like her..

  10. I love this idea much better than the gluemy boring hospitals we see. Not so good for a little boy though if they had a Thomas the tank hospital that would be so cute xxx Anyway this rocks XD

  11. Why do you hate HK so much? You don’t have to be a hater!! You are just wasting your time!! Stay strong, HK!! Fight the haters!!

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