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I have absolutely no desire to write about this and would rather completely ban them from my mind, but the readers here obviously have no intention of letting me do that. Now that the emails are coming in at several a day, I’m simply posting this so that the emails stop! For anyone that doesn’t know, MAC is coming out with a line of Hello Kitty cosmetics:




Now, in most instances Hello Kitty make-up wouldn’t be something that would get me in much of a Hello Kitty Hell tizzy since the truth is that on the scale of Hello Kitty Hell, cosmetics usually rank pretty low on the list of things that torture me. When that Hello Kitty cosmetic line runs over $1000 ($1,179.50) for everything in it and I know my wife will be getting it all, there is definitely a reason that I don’t want to talk about it. Of course, that’s not including any of the replacements which will be anything that she actually uses even once, so I figure it’s pretty much a done deal that she will buy at least 2 of everything. Or the fact that I’ll have to listen to how wonderful all this make-up is for the following 2 months after it’s released. Yep, one more of the joys to look forward to living in hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by far, far too many people for far, far too many days in a row for the world to be a healthy place. All of you should be forced to buy this crap and not use it (keep it for your collection like my wife) for thinking that in any way, shape, or form sending this information to me could ever result in anything good in the world…

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  1. Nope. I don’t worship MAC. Matter of fact, that reminds me…I need to take some MSF back. MAC actually isn’t the same it used to be, in the late 90’s-early 2000’s it was much better. They changed chemists since, and the line is starting to suffer. The pigments are nowhere near the same. In regards to basic face makeup, my favorite makeup is Px. It’s the best for me, and I get tons of compliments- but everyone has their personal favorite. I have my reasons. hehe.

  2. i don’t know PX but I will investigate it! As for foundation I0ve tried a few but teint innocence from chanel is still on my top. as for concealer right now I go for helena rubinstein or Yves saint laurent, they’re very good!

  3. im sorry over a thousand bucks?! no make up is worth that! unless it takes phillis diller and turns her in to carmen electra. but it make up not genie lamp.

  4. I am definitely buying those, besides MAC is the best! Dont care for the price, it’s a collector’s item!
    I can’t wait for them to release it, hopefully really soon!!!

  5. @silentbob. makeup isn’t lying to anyone – when someone has makeup on, you can tell. (i’m not referring to the barely-there natural makeup that some girls have, since there isn’t much of a difference anyway appearance wise). now plastic surgery would be more of a lie, since it’s assumed to be natural. and another thing. makeup is hardly for the insecure. don’t tell me that confident women don’t wear makeup. it’s not to hide your features but to enhance them. so stop whining.

  6. Update: Got invited to the release party at the MAC store in SJ… insanity I tell you! There were girls with the dreaded red bow in their hair but (mostly) everyone had some gorgeous makeup on. The scariest part were the TWO male models wearing shiny pleather pants, no shirt and black HELLO KITTY HEADS!

    I had nightmares….

    On the up side the colors are awesome and I got most of the colors/items that I can’t get normally. Passed on the scary hk doll and the bag… pointless except as a pin cushion.

    Oh and the pink Vodka drinks the other (non-tortured) male models were passing around were delicious. :) Rather a good night even though HK was involved.

  7. This is a perfect marriage! For those of you who don’t know MAC, it’s a quality makeup line. Yes, it may be pricier than your average drugstore brand, but it’s a lot less than other high end cosmetics, most definitely less than any of the other Estee Lauder brands. The colors are fun, theatrical, neutral, whatever you or Kitty wants them to be. And for less than $20 you can get a Kitty gloss that will let you kiss off this recession in style. Consider it your obligation since Kitty can’t wear any!

  8. @ Liz NYC:

    I think that was the best post here about MAC and HK yet. The glitter makes me smile even though it was made for HK. 😉

  9. How about ….. You STOP complaining. People spending THIER money how they like really shouldn’t give you a reason to complain!

    To all you idiots complaining about the price- there’s an easy solution- DONT BUY IT! Mac is reasonably priced compared to chanel, lumiere or any other decent brand. I’m a makeup artist that works for mac, let me break it down for the complainers.

    So you could go buy a $10 lipstick from the drugstore OR you can spend $6.50 more and be at ease knowing that it’s a good product, if you don’t like it we’ll take it back no problem, and know that the next time you run out of that shade, you know EXACTLY where to get it. You won’t go nuts searching for it!!

    Still complaning about price??? How about this-

    When you buy a product from a drugstore, all the proceeds go to the makeup company. Mac has donated over $129 MILLION to HIV / aids campaigns helping children and families affected by the disease, has covergirl? Lancome? Clinique? Revlon? Any makeup company done that? No, they haven’t!

    As for the line being black…… The international iniform color for makeup artists is black as it represents the chic side of what we do, that is why mac
    Use this color . This is a hello kitty collecters dream, who cares what anyone else thinks? People pay thousands of dollars on collecting stamps, car models, figurines, dolls yet no one complains then. Yet a company comes out to meet the demand of the given supply and everyone has a negative perspective , grow up and mind your own business!

    And next time you go and buy a collector item remember how much money you spend and where that money goes….. Atleast the money spent on this makeup is helping feed children starving in Africa suffering from or affected by HIV

    Everyone else :-) support viva glam!!! … Oh and the kids helping kids card foundation :-)

  10. Ugh. Your wife is too materialistic. What’s your line of work anyway? You must have very high income which gives your wife leeway to indulge all her HK fantasies.

    I once thought HK was great but I limited myself to buying stationery. I then began questioning the necessity of things that I bought (not just HK) and I can now say I’m much happier with less.

    You should try to get your wife onto the minimalist design scheme sans HK.

  11. I was never a big fan of hello kitty but i was pretty excited for this collection to come out.. today (the launching), i went to MAC and i am actually really impressed by the collection. the colors are very nice and vibrant.. and it could not have launched at a better time considering the colors are fabulous for spring. to be honest, the collection exceeded my expectations.. online and from other ppl’s swatches, the collection didn’t look so impressive, but everything’s great in person!!!

    btw, don’t trash MAC.. they are of high-quality and theyre not even that expensive..

  12. You think this is wierd? Have you seen the ad for it on YouTube?

    What has been seen can never be unseen. (I even kinda like Hello Kitty.)

  13. @ Lauren

    Good advice. The thing is that my skin isn’t really just sensitive in terms of break-outs, it’s more of just being bothered by the FEELING of makeup–although the oily feeling happens too. It’s wierd.

    I sort of pick and choose makeups as I go along. Sephora actually has some great stuff. I just get a Clinique eye pencil because I love the non sharpening bit of it and the “smudger” at the end is conveinent. Drugstore pencils just get smeared away too easily during the day–even without me touching my eyes. What’s nice about Sephora is that if you ask them to take home a sample, they’ll oblige you and you can try it for a few days.

    As for perfumes, I love the fresh line. They tend to have really nice fruity scents without being overpowering. I also really like Stella too.

  14. @andophiroxia :

    The Hello Kitty doll is $42 at the MAC website, which that’s NOT too bad, considering a HK x Tokidoki doll was $55… ^_^

    I do adore Hello Kitty. Not too much of a makeup person, but does have some MAC stuffs my mom gave me, they’re pretty good products. I’m thinking of getting just the jewelry stuffs and maybe that would be all, since I don’t use makeup… :)

  15. It’s a great news that MAC is also using Hello Kitty. I am a MAC user but what I think MAC cosmetics itself is hell expensive, then what will happen if it’s launching a product with Hello Kitty??!!!

  16. I work at MAC and our release date in the UK and our store is next thursday (March 5th) We have all our stock now instore and we’re all super excited.
    obviously working within the company we’ve known about it for a while, and a lot of the products have been seen in previous collections (metal urge) for example.
    It is a girly collection with lots of pinks, glitters, and is very versitle and actually a really creative line. If this line wasnt teamed with Hello Kitty but came out as a normal line like we do with others, we wouldnt be having his debate but people would say how good a line it is.

    We at our store have all agreed that it is a nicer line than what has come out previous. Packaging wise its astetically pleasing and not distracting from it being classic MAC. Unlike such collections as Dame Edna (even though the colors were lovely.)

    I personally dont see why people complain about MAC products being over priced, Its a Professional Makeup Brand and is used in the highest circles and is still avalible to the public at a reasonable price. Look at large designer brands and how much they charge, their not slated because their “high end” well so is MAC, they’ve just made it more assessable. its worth 100% the money its worth.
    I do agree completely with Natasha.

  17. u might want to read up on the Hello Kitty Murder & interview MAC if they thought it was a great idea to launch the collection with male models in SM gear wearing Big Hello Kitty Head with Women’s Day around the corner.

  18. I went out and got a lipgloss and lipstick just b/c it has HK on it. The packaging was really cute and I just had to have it. Honestly, I really don’t buy MAC products, not really a fan, I’m more a Bare Escentuals gal, but it goes without saying, HK fans are always loyal to HK first!

  19. I absolutely LOVED this new line from MAC. I purchased the Too Dolly eyeshadow palette, 2 different lip conditioners in Popster & Pink Fish, Gold Mode pigment and my bf got me the plush doll..yay! Don’t hate on MAC! They are great and usually affordable.. But I do admit that buying several items can lead to overshopping!..


  20. I love all the stuff I got from the collection, my favorite…pink fish lip balm…and its only 14.50 If you get only one thing it should be this…

  21. I would like to order your cosmetics for my employees in south africa, can tell me if i can find one in south africa

  22. wth? why are there people still responding to this damit?


    and can be purchased through Ebay or something ~_~

    geez, plus this site isn’t some site where you can purchase stuff, especially MAC makeup

  23. Zomg, Darlene, you’re not even trying to defend Hello Kitty anymore. You’re just searching your tiny, narrow mind for something intelligent to say. Fail… Of course that’s not what he means. It’s not that he doesn’t want his wife to look nice, it’s that she probably already has suitable, nice enough make-up and it’s a waste to spend so much on more stuff just because it’s Hello Kitty. This blog is about how Hello Kitty is taking over the world, not how he is supposedly trying to deprive his wife from ‘necessities’ because he is a ‘tightwad’. He obviously supports her, but doesn’t just agree with everything. What is your idea of a real man?! Some guy half your age you pay to put up with you?! Man, you have to get a hobby.
    P.S. Great blog

  24. MAC only seems over priced. It isn’t really if you think about it logically.

    Firstly, they’re selling products with Hello Kitty on them, and Hello Kitty products alone can range anywhere from 50 cents (R3.75) to about $3000 (R22500).

    Secondly, it’s MAC! They DON’T DO ANIMAL TESTING, which is absolutely fantastic! That’s why you’ll find well-known brands, e.g. Chanel, perhaps cheaper because they spend less money on testing products on animals. Which is sickening actually.
    MAC still has to pay for costly trials which are NOT done on animals.
    But their products in general are excellent and last.
    And, as Natasha said, they also donate a large amount of money to charities which other companies don’t do.
    This actually gives a person more reason to support MAC.

    This is a collector’s item. It also has a varied colour pallete it seems. If, perhaps, you don’t wear the shades then don’t buy it. If it’s too expensive, don’t buy it. If you don’t like Hello Kitty or MAC, then WHY are you commenting?
    But if you want it for the sake of Hello Kitty and have the money, then spend away!! 😀

    So, really, you would be getting your money’s worth.

    I’m 17 years old, surprise, and even I can point out the obvious :)

    P.S. I would definitely buy this if I could!
    Second job, me-thinks 😛

  25. what is wrong with you people!!!!!!!!!!!!!! everything hellokitty is adorable it’s not overpriced and everyone should love her shes cute and nice and hello kitty stuff is awesome i freaked out when i saw the make-up and ice cube trays i wish i had all of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! your right lauren777 mac is awesome!!and its cool that they dont do animal testing

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