Hello Kitty MAC Make-Up Video

I really didn’t think that there would be anything more disturbing about the Hello Kitty MAC cosmetic line than the line itself, but that once again shows that I haven’t learned that the evil feline can always make things worse. If you have any doubt, take a look at this video (be warned, once you’ve seen it you can’t erase it from your brain):

While there are far too many things that are truly disturbing about the video than I care to write about here, I guess the biggest question is why didn’t they simply film the entire video in the Hello Kitty S & M Love Hotel Room since that is definitely the proper place for those Hello Kitty guys.

Of course, my wife found the entire video “sexy and fun” — words that actually scared me more than watching the video because I could see a glint in her eye as she tries to figure out how to get me to wear one of those Hello Kitty costumes in the video. See, things can always get worse in Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in and left in comments by far too many people that seriously want me to have nightmares for the rest of my life. May you all get trapped in the video for even thinking for an instance that making me aware of its existence could ever be a good idea…

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  1. O.o seriously i liked the first part i was like …this may be alright
    but when i got to the last part with the hello kitty men that just creeped ME OUT omg that even scared my little sister to the point she just stayed frozen with her eyes wide open and shes a pretty big hello kitty fanatic DX

  2. What a piss off, here I was expecting a good video
    for the HK MAC make-up line. Not some Alice in wonderland
    /Through the looking glass knock off.
    Creative, yet really not that creative at all.
    This is a mix of a cheap horribly done Britney Spears
    video mixed with Alice in wonderland, and to top it off
    some stripper dance moves. I’m not an enemy of hello-kitty or a complete fanatic although it’s disappointing that MAC especially couldn’t have chosen a better video.

  3. oh my god. i almost threw up watching this. i wish i could say i would have enjoyed this movie whilst being high, but i think i would probably cry at how truly scary this video is.

  4. I’m 18, and resent the kid comment. The blond girl seemed to have trouble walking to me, and she looks like she’s being tortured in the second half. Next time, blogmiester, don’t dignify some thing THIS awful by putting it on a hk hating site. It’s just too wrong. This video should be (and is) banned by law.

  5. May I give an amteurish freudian interpretation of this advertisement? for starts, the black cat was the black woman in the second part and also a symbol for hello kitty in general (as youw ill notice she awoke with a black hello kitty figure at the end), and yes, stephanie thatkyou for recognizing the tunnel for what it realy was- a vaginal metaphor, just like the tulle skirt and the pink roses. The message was basically that hello kitty would allow us to revert to our “womb” and let us rest in a world where we can indulge in primitive sexual pleasures without worry- hello kitty acts as a sort of female pimp, bringing us pleasure and leading us in a ecure world where we can feel sexy. absolutely scary and yes, those who have watched this video with a critical eye are rightfully disturbed. I feel sorry for young children who watch this video and don’t understand what they see. this is a very powerfull advertisement.

  6. ………..That skank has the skinniest legs I have ever seen. :I I refuse to comment on anything disturbing that involves Hello Kitty lest it be burned further into my mind.

  7. I really like Sanrio Hello Kitty sans the weird stuff and this ad is not even tolerably weird.

    Besides the pink vagina and panty shots, the poor blond girl looked like she was about to get gang raped by the black headed hello sadists…

    Overall super creepy and not inspiring in anyway. $14 for a thing of eyeshadow is too much anyhow but especially when it is promoted by ads like this .

  8. I knew it was gonna be bad when they started singing “Come inside!” and she climbed into a massive pink hole. Maybe I’m dirty minded, but jeebus. What is it with hello kitty and sex??

  9. As much as I love Hello Kitty, I must say this after viewing that…abomination. I am going to throw up. Now. Speaking of now, PLEASE GOD KILL ME NOW ARGH.

  10. they should hav just stuck a knife in the models back and walk away, letting her bleed to death on the floor…

    btw someone please help me get that song out of my head!!! ;D

  11. wow. i like hello kitty.. to some extent. and im all about BDSM… but wtf?? she follows a cat into a gaping vagina and comes out on the other side to get gangbanged by a bunch of guys in hk masks and a black chick? how is this at all about makeup?? xD lmao. since theres been soo many other comments im sure it has all been said numerous times.. but still. lmao.

  12. OMG it IS a bloke who is bitching, where i come from in engerland… lol.. i am unfamiliar with bitchy blokes but alteast that makes sense with the whole website internet thing, just thought you would have something better to do than bitch about hello kitty which i have discussed to you before as a comment and you cannot say a thing to me as i am using the internet for such important things, like a facebook support group for syndromes and illnesses to support sufferers and raise awareness, but i guess i cannot get my head over a bloke spending his life bitching about a cartoon character…. what a waste of life and time!?

    A whole website too?!?! C’mon! Seriously?

    …..omg what has the world come to oh leader of the hello kitty website full of moaning…. such pessimism to read in the morning, and i actually own some MAC hellokitty make up and it is quite attractive and waterproof too, i do really like it… it is juts hard to remove, once dried eyliner when it can be peeled off like false eyelashes sometimes bits can get in your eyes, apart from that its fantastic and they really have good marketing guys as the MAC hellokitty range sells on ebay like hot cakes!!! Well done to the sales and marketing guys…. next a spongebob or betty boop one… they’d sell too……

    ….but just dedicated to miss kitty herself as opposed to sanrio…. omg…..

  13. I like Hello Kitty and I don’t mind the MAC Hello Kitty make-up, but that ad was WAY over the top! Being gang raped by men in black HK masks? Following a black cat through a giant pink vagina? Somebody remind me what this has to do with make-up!

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