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Hello Kitty Cell Phone Upgrade

My wife already has a Hello Kitty cell phone which has embarrassed me to no end, but in the land of Hello Kitty fanatics, extreme Hello Kitty gaudiness is never enough. Eventually someone will come along with a Hello Kitty cell phone that is gaudier than your own:

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Hello Kitty Condom Keeper

It really shouldn’t come as a surprise considering that there are Hello Kitty condoms that there is a Hello Kitty place to keep those condoms safe: The Hello Kitty condom keeper:

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Hello Kitty Cat Bow

You know that if celebrities are putting Hello Kitty bows in their hair, then a Hello Kitty fanatic with a cat and too much time on her hands is going to do something like this:

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Hello Kitty Hey Baby Panties

It’s not often that I get in trouble for looking at Hello Kitty stuff (my wife usually dreams that I would be willing to do this), but that is exactly what happened when she saw me looking at this email showing off Hello Kitty “Hey Baby” panties:

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Hello Kitty Tent

It’s a given when you live in Hello Kitty Hell that something worse than what you have already seen will come along. You know it’s going to happen and you just prepare yourself for that that day coming down the road. What is not anticipated is that the horror will show up so quickly in your email box. In response to the Hello Kitty camper, you knew that there would be a Hello Kitty tent out there:

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Hello Kitty Camper

The weather is getting nicer and when you’re in Hello Kitty Hell, the number one priority is to get out of the house and as far away from the Hello Kitty mess inside as possible. That, of course, was my thinking when asking my wife to go camping, but it seems that the evil feline can’t even leave the great outdoors in peace with the existence of the Hello Kitty camper:

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Hello Kitty Canned Ramen

When it comes to Hello Kitty food, one would logically conclude that it really couldn’t get much worse than Hello Kitty instant ramen, but of course this assumption would be coming from someone that doesn’t really know the evil feline. Not satisfied with only the freeze dry ramen noodle market, Hello Kitty has branched off in an attempt to corner the canned ramen noodle market as well:

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