Hello Kitty Braces

It’s more than a bit ironic that despite Hello Kitty having no mouth, she has quite an oral branding fixation. This irony is all the worse because the Hello Kitty oral branding tends to be some of the worst. It’s difficult to keep one’s sanity when you see things like the Hello Kitty tooth, the Hello Kitty retainers, the Hello Kitty tongue stud and the Hello Kitty tongue and lip tattoos. One would assume that these disasters would bring Hello Kitty fanatics to their senses and that they would realize that Hello Kitty does not belong anywhere near their mouth, but that would be making the terrible assumption that Hello Kitty fanatics have common sense. Thus someone thought that Hello Kitty braces would be a good idea:

hello kitty braces

Let me give you a little hint that will serve you well in life. If you see a cute girl and she smiles at you to reveal a set of Hello Kitty braces or if your current significant others says that she has to have these, turn around and run. Better yet, sprint as fast as you can. Failure to do so with result you wearing a Hello Kitty tux while she walks down the aisle in a Hello Kitty wedding dress while you exchange Hello Kitty wedding rings. And that will only be the beginning of your Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by Vivian

Update: You really thought that the evil feline could stick to a single color?

Hello Kitty fashion braces

Hello Kitty pink braces

Sent in by Vivian

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27 Responses to Hello Kitty Braces

  1. heather says:

    eeewww…… hello kitty is only cute when shes NOT in your mouth

  2. osiris says:

    Not cute at all really can’t see hk

  3. Gail says:

    OK, this one wins.

  4. aqisaqis says:

    i used it in blue :)

  5. Sprinkle919 says:

    I’d like to actually see these on someone. lol

  6. Daisy says:

    Love your Blog, found it trying to find a Hello Kitty Backpack for my 6 y/o. Did not how many adults love HK to much, so people just need to get a life. Love your blog you are very funny.

  7. lolzer says:

    i’d want it so it’d be like eating hello kitty >w<
    and then when the dentist takes them off to replace them it's like… well, killing them LOLZ

  8. Saku Filth says:

    Wow, I thought my man buying HK straighteners was bad…

  9. Acton says:

    Not band, still I wonder if this really hello kitty

    PS. Daisy I do have a life thank you

  10. Sanriobaby =^.^= says:

    If I was a kid, I’d want these as a consolation to having to wear braces….

  11. Saku Filth says:

    Actually, thinking about it, it’s hard enough to keep braces clean anyway, but with that shape, all those places bacteria can hide, you are just asking for rotten teeth.

  12. Jessica says:

    I like hello kitty but I don’t know if I’d get THOSE. My bed sheets are hello kitty, I HAVE stuffed hello kittys. Ive loved it since I was 3. My 4 year cousin likes hello kitty my 30 year old mom loves hello kiitty, my 34 year old aunt LOVES hk. I had hk movies. Even my cousin. My Twitter icon is hello kitty.
    P.S Daisy so your saying my almost my whole family doesn’t have a life. I DO have a life!
    P.P.S Don’t say I’m obssed with hk! JUST DON’T!!!

  13. Liz says:

    Actually, really looking at them, I see no bow. One could even go as far as to say these are just pink cat braces.

  14. sprinkle919 says:

    Yeah Daisy, whats with the “people just need to get a life” thing? I’d reference more but your comment hardly makes sense.
    Calm down.

  15. kitteh!! says:

    @ Sprinkle919, I think Daisy’s a “drive-by troll”, and since “she” can’t actually write in English, I’d not sweat it too much.

  16. Saku Filth says:

    @Kitteh!! – One mis-spelt word and one word omitted? That is still English. Not disagreeing about the troll bit.

  17. Ceiling Cat says:

    Eww, eww, eww.

    While I like Hello Kitty as much as the next girl, the braces are disgusting. It looks like bloody stains on her teeth. Ick!

  18. Jennifer says:

    i luv the braces they look preety

  19. wazza says:

    i would like that where can i order them

  20. mariah says:

    hello kitty rocks

  21. Izzie says:

    Very…Very…Oddly shapped……Stranggggge :0

  22. g says:

    how much do it cost

  23. kailolu says:

    thats kool i wonder if my dentist can do that

  24. emily says:

    no way would i ever wear those they r gross!

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