32 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Vodka

  1. Photoshopped

    What I sad about falling for fake products. Your jihad against the cutie one is Eng but fake product give me a break.

    All Hello Kitty curses in your direction.

  2. LOL @ HK wasted! I don’t drink but if this is real… of course… I want it. Hello Kitty Hater Husband guy… u da u da best!!

  3. I want to purchase a couple bottles of this Kitty Vodka for my BFFs Going away Party. How can i buy some??? Thank you xoxo

  4. this is real when i was in Las Vegas i saw you could buy bottles of Hello Kitty vodka. it didnt look like this though, it was rectangle and be-jewelled. so pretty :D

  5. I would like to know where I can buy some Hello Kitty Vodka. My friend is having a Halloween Party and we love to bring some to her party. So how can we get some?

  6. Hi, can you please tell me where I can buy This HK vodka? I’d love to have a few of these for my 21st BDaY. Thnx, Jaz ????

  7. ITS NOT REAL! SENARIO WILL NOT USE HELLO KITTY FOR NEGATIVE PRODUCTS SUCH AS PORN, KNIVES, OR ALCOHOL PRODUCTS. As cool as it would be cuz I’m a huge HK fan and am highly disappointed that its not a real product I understand why its not…because to be honest HK is a childs thing not adults.

    • Actually it is real. I work in an alcohol distribution center and we have Hello Kitty alcohol. And the origins of Hello Kitty is not for childs play. It was to create something so cute that it could only be the work of something evil. So using Hello Kitty for alcohol is in suit with its original intentions.

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