Hello Kitty Gun

Note: Sanrio legal counsel has contacted me because they realize that their fans are not bright enough to know what is an official Sanrio product and what is not. They didn’t feel that this would be a problem until the fans started contacting them directly, and they soon realized how painful it was to actually have to converse with a fanatic, and not even they had the patience to actually do this. As a result, they sent out a notice to me begging for me to take down my posts about guns that had the evil feline on them just so they didn’t have to ever correspond with the fanatics again. When I explained that they brought it on themselves, they pleaded that I spare them the torture that they inflict on me on a daily basis and asked me to post the following, Since I actually have a conscience, here is what they have to say:

Sanrio® has informed us that Sanrio is not involved in the manufacture or sale of Hello Kitty guns or weapons, and does not allow Hello Kitty® to be used to market guns or weapons. The items shown in this post are either digitally fabricated images or were custom-decorated without Sanrio’s permission. Sanrio alleges that creating false digitized images of Hello Kitty guns or weapons, or custom-decorating a real gun or weapon with Hello Kitty art, infringes Sanrio’s copyrights and trademarks, and may violate criminal laws.

And onto the original post…

To everyone that visits Hello Kitty Hell on a regular basis, it’s time to take a seat and sit firmly down. I don’t want you falling over in shock like I did. Hello Kitty Hell isn’t quite freezing over, but there is a definite chill in the air. Yes, believe it or not, there was a Hello Kitty item that my wife saw that she was only lukewarm about and even uttered the words – okay, time to hold on tight because the earth may crack open and swallow us all to our deaths – “I don’t think I need that (Hello Kitty item)” Yes, I have been pinching myself all day wondering if it was all a wonderful dream that couldn’t possible be true and have bruises all over my arms to prove it.

The Hello Kitty item in question is a Hello Kitty gun which sent to me by readers Mackenzie and Dolores. I am assuming that both are photo shopped and aren’t real, but since my wife isn’t interested in them, this is one Hello Kitty item I really wish they did make.

Hello Kitty gun

Hello Kitty gun

wife: “Hello Kitty doesn’t kill things.”

me: “You could use it for target practice.”

wife: “What would I shoot for targets?”

me: (smile on my face) “hmmm, I don’t know. I’m sure we could find something around the house.”

wife: (no smile on face) “I hope you aren’t suggesting what I think you are.”

It was at this point that I was glad that she didn’t have the Hello Kitty gun as it would have probably been used on me…

But besides that little incident, there have been nothing but sunny skies in Hello Kitty Hell with the historic even of her not wanting something Hello Kitty. I will have to savor this as I predict it is a once in a lifetime event and tomorrow will return to the Hello Kitty Hell I have known for so long.

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44 Responses to Hello Kitty Gun

  1. Pedro says:

    I was really puzzled by this gun, to say the least. So I checked it out and I think I’ve found the manufacturer here. It seems to be an airsoft replica, so I think your wife can get one, after all. You decide if this is a good or a bad news.
    While I was tracking this, I also found this interesting HK item. That’s a way to bring HK always inside your head!
    (I apologize for the irony. I also have a “cute addict” wife and I have a slight idea what a Hello Kitty Hell is like.)

  2. Roxanne says:

    I have already seen a picture of this gun–i have it saved in my pictures. I have several strange Hello Kitty pics I have found on the net including a Hello Kitty fire extinguisher and other toys if you get my drift.

  3. Que says:

    If I was walking down the street and some weird guy approached me, if I pulled out the HK gun, I have a feeling he’d be more scared of Hello Kitty then he would be of the gun itself, HA HA!

  4. Erin says:

    I can’t believe there is a HK gun. Was wondering where you found the pic at. I would like to track it down and get it for my HK collection. Any help locating one would be great! I would like the poink one. Thanks

  5. No, they’re real. Custom, but real. HK has been airbrushed, milled, engraved, printed and colorized onto a variety of weapons.

    And pink is the in color for women and girls.

    Here’s my daughter:


  6. Shayna says:

    Look at that! Something that is as scary to me as Hello Kitty is to you! Children toting assualt rifles!
    I hope to never hear you say how scary Hello Kitty is again. :P

  7. Matt says:

    HI Everybody!!!
    I was wondering if anybody knew where I could get the “Hello Kitty” 1911 .45 pictured above. I would love to get it for my wife for her birthday, any help would be GREAT!!!!! Thanks and everybody take care!!!

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  10. nashawnda says:

    this is soooo cute i want these guns sooo bad i cant belive they actually have these i have been looking 4 these 4 ever i finally found them!!!!!!!11 oh yeah and matt i dont know where you can find the 45 but when you find it holla at me

  11. den j says:

    i have been doing some research on this alleged HK pistol. i truely beleive it was photoshopped and does not exist. the link to the other websight provides absolutely no ionformation on where to get one or how to custom order one. i work at a gun store and will continue to do research.
    just wondering if anyone has actually found where to get one.

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  13. Brandon says:

    That’s really cool!! Ahaha, awesome ;)

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  15. Mike Irwin says:

    weeeeellllll … a squadron of Challenger II tanks, painted day-glo pink with Hello Kitty hood ornaments would go nicely with breakfast. Of course, the support crews would all have to be Japanese, diminutive, and very, very pretty !

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  17. Joe says:


    Here is a video on cnn.com on these customized Hello Kitty weapons.

  18. Dean says:

    Here is the real deal. They are fully operational AK’s…Awesome accessory to any girls outfit.

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  20. darle says:

    What’s wrong with you? you obviously photoshopped an average gun, just so people would beleive hello kitty is an evil murderer. even if she DID make it, i’m sure she did it in honour of you. and you know what? you deserved to be shot by that gun.

  21. Chickey says:

    my boyfriend saw the top gun and wanted to know what type it is…
    he hopes that he can actually get it like that, but he asked me to find out what model of gun it is so that he can get one, and hello kitty put on it…
    no joke

  22. Mari says:

    I’m against violence..but for absolute cuteness
    I would want this gun. mwahaha =)

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  24. crystal says:


  25. GC says:


  26. Garciaa[: says:

    OMFGGG where in the world
    did you get that cuz i definatly want

  27. ashley campbell says:

    where do find a hello kitty gun i want a 9mm

  28. kalashnikat says:

    HK in firearms terms usually refers to a Hechler & Koch firearm…guess now there could be an HK H&K.

  29. Ziva says:

    Have you ever seen the Hello Kitty AK-47’s they are so cute! And btw there are many manufacturers that make Hello Kitty firearms. Just so you know I am a bit of a gun craze LOL I once told my brother that I wanted a Garand and a replica to paint fun colors and he thought it was blasphemy!

    “Remember guns don’t kill people, people kill people.” ~ My shooting instructor


  30. WTFbruh says:

    thats dope

  31. spacebunny says:

    It would be so humiliating to be shot with that thing. I think many people when questioned by police if they remember any details about the shooter would neglect to mention they were shot with a pink Hello Kitty handgun.

  32. babigrl says:

    omg that gun is awesome i want it soo bad

  33. Karin T says:

    I like weapons, I like Hello Kitty and I’m a girl… so, I would like to get one! Something tells me the bad guys will be so distracted by the pink that I won’t need to actually fire at them! XD

  34. Elvee Kaye says:

    Hello Kitty–for the very best in home defense!

  35. tika says:

    its funny

  36. Nicole says:

    What’s wrong with you? you obviously photoshopped an average gun, just so people would beleive hello kitty is an evil murderer. even if she DID make it, i’m sure she did it in honour of you. and you know what? you deserved to be shot by that gun.

    Did I mention I love your commenters? I love your commenters.

  37. jessica green says:

    :p lol hahahaha i am wierd lol hahahahahhahhaha

  38. Mrs Newsome says:

    Where do you find these guns? I was looking for a hand gun and am a HK fan and would LOVE to get my hands on one of these!

  39. ARIEL JADE says:

    HOW CAN I GET 1????

  40. Ashley says:

    PLEASEEE tell me where I can buy the one in the 2nd photo!! Thank you!!

  41. Talbot says:

    @Ashley: I think that one might be photoshopped, but you could buy a stainless steel 1911 pistol, have it refinished in pink, and add a set of Hello Kitty grips. A site called gungrips.net can probably whip some up for you.

    Yep, I’m a gun guy, and every time I see HK on this page, I mentally turn it into H&K, as in the Heckler and Koch gun company ^_^;

  42. julie@DOREAMON FAN... says:

    hello guys????
    can you direct me where i could buy that gun….
    please100x coz i want to shot somebody??????know who is me my

  43. Herro Kitty says:

    “Hello Kitty doesn’t kill things.”

    Cats are carnivores, so yes she does. ;]

  44. monique says:

    What’s a good website where I can purchase a hello kitty handgun?

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