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Hello Kitty Candy

When you live in Hello Kitty Hell, you have to grab onto the smallest things to maintain your sanity…things like this Hello Kitty candy: There is really nothing special about Hello Kitty candy and the evil feline has adopted making the sweet and sugary substance in her image in countless ways. That being said, I particularly like the placement of the candy stick on this one (since I have the urge to do this to Hello Kitty on a daily … Continue reading

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Hello Kitty Sleeping Bag

Anyone who has read this blog for awhile knows about the Hello Kitty sleeping bag and how I spend far too much time in it on our couch. It simply goes to show how much I suffer in Hello Kitty Hell that this sleeping bag had been used so much that my wife decided that it needed to be replaced. Thus I was shown my new bedding for all those times I dare to cross the evil feline:

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Hello Kitty LCD TV

One would assume that one Hello Kitty TV would be enough. Of course, that in no way dissuaded Sanrio from making another Hello Kitty TV. Or a third and fourth Hello Kitty TV as well. So, there really should be no surprise that there is a new Hello Kitty LCD TV that has recently been released:

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Hello Kitty 18k Gold Phone Strap

It’s really not like my wife needs to pimp out her cell phone in Hello Kitty anymore than it already is, but then that simple piece of logic never makes any sense to a Hello Kitty fanatic. Thus she has her eyes on a $462 (50,000 yen) 18k gold (1.8 grams) Hello Kitty phone strap which she says will make the perfect accessory:

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Hello Kitty Tricycle Tattoo

It’s never a good sign when the beginning of a new week begins with a Hello Kitty tattoo in the email box: It’s even worse when accompanied with a video with the Hello Kitty theme song (you’ve been warned to mute your computer):

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Hello Kitty Wedding Planner

Why, oh why, do people keep sending me emails like this? dear sir, i need your help regarding information on a hello kitty wedding at first going to hello kitty world and getting married by hello kitty was kinda a joke between me and my finance, but as time has progressed we have decided that it would actually be something fun and special for both of us. I have been trying to find out how to get information from sanrio … Continue reading

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Hello Kitty Portable Body Fat Meter

When you live in Hello Kitty Hell, one of the worst sounds you can hear is the doorbell. That is because there is a 99% chance that whoever is ringing it is doing so with the intention of adding yet another piece to the ever growing mountain of Hello Kitty crap that has already found its way into your house. Today’s doorbell ring did not disappoint. It’s already been well established that Hello Kitty has produced more than her fair … Continue reading

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Hello Kitty Mexican Wrestling Mask

It was bad enough that pro wrestling decided that Hello Kitty would be a good addition to their lineup, but Sanrio couldn’t let it stop there. That is why you can now purchase your very own Hello Kitty Mexican wrestling mask:

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Hello Kitty Masterpiece Art

If there is something that should never be combined with Hello Kitty, you can bet that the evil feline will go ahead and do it anyway which will leave you tearing your eyes out at the result. That pretty much sums up Hello Kitty masterpiece art:

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Hello Kitty Kaleidoscope Projector

Kaleidoscopes are bad. Taking a kaleidoscope and making it into a projector so that you can beam the ever moving images on a wall or ceiling is worse — much worse. Taking the background of a kaleidoscope projector and filling it with Hello Kitty images to create the Hello Kitty kaleidoscope projector is nothing short of Hello Kitty Hell:

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Hello Kitty Doom Mod

If there is one thing you can say about Hello Kitty, it’s that the evil feline doesn’t see anything as off limits when it comes to putting her face on it. One would assume that there are some places that she just wouldn’t want to venture, but that is obviously not the case as the Hello Kitty Doom flashlight mod so graphically illustrates:

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Hello Kitty Death Warning Update

It seems that the people at Sanrio actually do read this blog. I found the following email waiting for me this morning: Hi Hello Kitty Hell, I handle corporate communications for the Outblaze Group, which includes Sanrio Digital and Sanriotown. We were extremely disturbed to learn about the “when will you die” ad you reported at We are grateful that we were able to learn about this problem from your blog, as we have never encountered this ad ourselves. … Continue reading

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Hello Kitty Assault Rifle Tattoo

While it has long been established that all things Hello Kitty are bad, what sets the Hello Kitty fanatics apart is their desire to go beyond the typical and create Hello Kitty in ways that are just plain wrong: Hello Kitty tattoos and Hello Kitty guns being prime examples. One would think it would be safe to assume that things could not get any worse than these, but then they would not know the universal rule in Hello Kitty Hell … Continue reading

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Hello Kitty Death Warning

Despite what Hello Kitty fanatics will tell you, there is something sinister and creepy about Hello Kitty. All that sweetness and cuteness is so overwhelming that you know deep down in your heart that there has to be something completely evil hiding inside. While Sanrio does its best to keep the evil part of Hello Kitty hidden away, sometime she pops up to show her true colors:

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