Hello Kitty Gas Mask

Hello Kitty has already started producing Hello Kitty mind altering chemicals (Yes, she also makes this and this which is what probably first came to mind when I mentioned mind altering chemicals), so it makes perfect sense that they would want to profit from this by selling Hello Kitty gas masks as well:

hello kitty gas mask

Somehow I think that when the world comes to an end, this gas mask is what she will be wearing as she wields one of these. That image alone ensures that 2011 is going to be one of the most Hello Kitty hellish ever…

Sent in by Yuri

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13 Responses to Hello Kitty Gas Mask

  1. Kat says:

    I don’t know which I like better; the spikes, or the biohazard sign in the bow.

  2. Acton says:

    Not really into the the raver gas mask thing, but well all would need one to filter out the stench that come for Hello Kitty Hell.

  3. Dude says:

    Ah well, looks like Hello Kitty will survive even a nuclear attack. …sigh…

  4. Sanriobaby =^.^= says:

    Another s&m product featuring HK….

  5. Moya says:

    I want one!

  6. D_peezy says:

    ah yes…. now even HK is prepared for inevitable chemical warfare!

  7. Sabree says:

    Haha I almost bought one of these off ebay the other day :3

  8. moo says:

    So awesome, i want one!

  9. gigglepuschrissy says:

    Already this 1 but the spikes I have on mine looks better and yea ummm this mask is used for painting cars its not mad for nuke fallouts or anything like that

  10. Becca says:

    I WANT IT NOW! Where can I get this masterpiece?

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