Hello Kitty Peace Tattoo

I’m never sure what to do with all the Hello Kitty tattoos that are sent to me because I get so many these days I could probably create a blog just about Hello Kitty tattoos (now there’s a scary thought). The fact that one person feels that it’s a good idea to stain their skin with the face of the evil feline makes one pause and question the sanity of that person, but actually having hundreds of people send me their Hello Kitty tattoos confirms that these tattoos are far too common and forces me to question the sanity of the world. When these tattoos come in the disguise of “peace” one really needs to begin to worry:

peace sign tattoo

When it comes to Hello Kitty, “peace” isn’t usually the first word that comes to mind. Hello Kitty shotgun, taser, assault rifle, armoured personnel carrier or just plain old gun seem to represent the evil feline so much better with her goal of world domination.

Of course, my wife loves it and has added it to her growing list of possible tattoos she wants to get. It really is a sad fact that the only thing that is saving me from having to look at a Hello Kitty tattoo on my wife is that so many get sent in to me that she can’t decide which one is best for her. This places me in a classic Hello Kitty dilemma. If the tattoos stop being sent to me, my wife gets her own which I will have to see daily, but the alternative is that I have to look at Hello Kitty tattoos on a regular basis and listen to my wife gush about how “cute and wonderful” they are. Either way, it’s a never ending continuation of Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by brytanni who, like many Hello Kitty fanatics, has punished herself far more than I could ever imagine doing by actually inking this monstrosity on her body. It’s definitely deserved for her thinking that sending this tattoo to me could ever result in anything positive happening…

Update: Once again, the fanatics can’t leave a bad thing alone:

Hello Kitty peace sign tattoo

Sent in by Jesssica

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29 Responses to Hello Kitty Peace Tattoo

  1. M@ says:

    it looks like a hello kitty butt

  2. Kittycolin67 says:

    Nice! :)

  3. Marlene says:

    It’s a bit sad not to see Hello Kitty’s adorable face on this tatoo, but besides, look at the realisation! How sharp the borders are, how nice the bow is, how perfect the proportions are… a delight to look at!

  4. Jay. says:

    It looks like someone cut HK’s face like a cake O.o

  5. moo says:

    I bet darlene will post up some comment about hello kitty being a pioneer of world peace, with love in her heart and Mr HKH being anti-peace.
    I’ll just sit back and wait. *whistles*

  6. Kitty says:

    Looks like the infection is setting in by the red skin…

    Serves her right, least go for something classy, and not so damn cheap.

    But seriously, if you want a tattoo, why would you want such a piece of commercialised tat on your body for the rest of your life? Tramp Stamp. :D

  7. Daphne says:

    lol HK is a tramp stamp. Just imangine the poor guy that has romance planned, is ready for action and boom! HK! Might be a great form of birth control.

  8. acton says:

    Pretty much minimal but the location and picture is much better than some other below the waist tattoo shots.

  9. Celes says:

    @Moo you forgot the part where she tells him what a bad husband he is because he won’t EVER let his wife does what she wants. Because, you know, letting her fill their house with HK stuff is definitely not giving in to anything.

  10. Liz says:

    I have to say this one looks somewhat decent. Probably done by an experienced pro.

  11. kenzington says:

    its got clean lines, ill give it that much. but its also unbelieveably hideous….i think it would be much better looking (even though i would NEVER get it) without the peace sign lines….

  12. darlene says:

    The reason that this blog is so terrible and inaccurate is that you know nothing about Hello Kitty and her true inner feelings. Hello Kitty is all about peace and love so this tattoo represents her very well. Why do you always have to try and portray her as something else when anyone with half a brain knows that she is full of nothing but love? The only one that needs a good sanity check is you and your writing because you are the only one that never makes sense when you talk about Hello Kitty!!!!

  13. suzanne says:

    i don’t see how Hello Kitty is peaceful, when so many of the fanatics who post here, along with those i’ve met in person, are angry, bitchy and overly-defensive people who wish death upon people who don’t like the cat.

  14. Konkurrencer says:

    It is a cute Hello Kitty tattoo. Nice touch, really.

  15. peta says:

    @darlene: shove it

    @kitty: red skin may just be because its recent.

  16. Gail says:

    This just looks like crap. At least it can be easily modified when the owner has tattoo regret a few years down the road.

    Darline is such a ‘tard.

  17. Indigo says:

    There’s something really creepy about this tat…I mean, beyond the obvious. It doesn’t make me think of a peace sign, it makes me think “faceless alien from the Outer Darkness”.

  18. moo says:

    @Darlene Woot! My prediction was spot on!

  19. juli says:

    anyone else notice how one ear is pointed and the other is rounded….?

  20. Tibz says:

    It looks like it will open up and SWALLOW YOU WHOLE.

  21. danigirl says:

    Darlene I think your problem is you’re the only one on here with half a brain, the rest of us have full functioning ones

  22. Marlene says:

    Go darlene!!!

  23. h3llc4t says:

    That tattoo looks like crap. The middle line is crooked and the ears don’t match.

  24. Fidget says:

    I noticed, upon reading some of these comments, that someone has referred to Hello Kitty as being “full of peace and love.”
    I have heard religious people speak of their God with the same exact words.

    I think this say something about the influence of an overly hyped pop culture icon.
    It also says something about religion, but I’ll not get into that.

  25. Banana Bread says:

    @ Fidget – totally agree

    Whatever we believe is the “truth” and all about “peace and love” and whatever contradicts that is “evil” and “full of hatred and lies”.

    Darlene has GOT to be a troll or something…
    It’s pretty funny how she talks about an inanimate doodle having “inner feelings” and spreading “peace and love” while she is aggressive and angry all the time…and CHOOSES to continually visit a blog that contradicts her opinion. It doesn’t make sense for anyone to be going somewhere where NOBODY agrees with their opinion, and complain about how wrong everyone else is, to not believe that a doodle wouldn’t have a soul.

  26. brytanni:) says:

    to set everyone straight: the redness was because i had just gotten it done that day. i know one ear is pointed and the other is rounded. that is how i drew it. i am very happy with it. its not on your body so shove it is you don’t like it. nobody told you to come to this website or to look at it. this tattoo has no hidden meanings. i love hello kitty and i love peace. i don’t think hello kitty will bring peace to my life. so yeah, there ya go:)

  27. shelby says:

    tis cute, but the peace sign is crooked?

  28. shelby says:

    andddd hellokitty’s ears are different, oone is pointy and the other is curved, LAWLZ

  29. chelon says:

    haha to all the people who said tramp stamp and who are hating, dont b mad cuz thats not u :] if u wanna really get yur voice of difference out, GO TELL IT TO PEOPLE IN REAL LIFE. BET U WONT CUZ WITHOUT YOUR KEYBOARD YOURE NOTHING<3 talk about sad.

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