It is a sad day in Hello Kitty Hell when I actually have to create a frequently asked questions area due to all the crap that ends up in my email from Hello Kitty fanatics asking the same questions over and over again.

If you hate Hello Kitty so much, why did you marry someone that you knew loved Hello Kitty?

I didn’t.

I think that this whole blog is fake.

I really don’t care.

Prove that this blog isn’t fake.


You could have gotten those photos of the bathroom anywhere. You probably got them from another website.

I could have, but I didn’t. If you think I did, show me the website.

I’m fascinated by those bathroom pictures. Can you take some more?

I can, but I won’t. Not worth the time or effort.

Your refusal to take more photos of the bathroom to prove that it is really yours proves that it isn’t. Caught in your own lie. hahaha

Thank you for perfectly illustrating the true deductive reasoning of Hello Kitty fanatics…

Is Darlene your wife?


who is darlene?

Obviously someone new to this blog. Browse and read the comments. It won’t take you long to find out.

How do you feel when darlene attacks your masculinity and puts all this ridiculous stuff into your blog even when your only trying to vent?

I feel fortunate as I realize that no matter how bad my Hello Kitty Hell is, it could be worse.

Does your wife read this blog?

Rarely. When she does, I usually end up on the couch in the Hello Kitty sleeping bag.

Is this blog just a way of venting, or are you hoping to achieve something else with it?


Do you remember the thing your wife bought that finally set you off the deep end?

Hello Kitty pancake maker.

Did you Get Rid of 200 the Hello Kitty Items? When we can see the pics?


Do you fit in the HK sleeping bag? Is not so small for you?

No. I unzip it so it’s more like a blanket most of the time.

What’s the weirdest HK thing (not necessarily something you’ve posted on this blog) that your wife has bought that she has absolutely no use for?

That pretty much sums up everything Hello Kitty

Can say one good thing about Hello Kitty?

My image of Hello Kitty, no matter how terrible, is better today than it will undoubtedly be tomorrow.

Why don’t you allow your wife to post somewhere to tell her side of the story?

Because it’s not her blog?

Why don’t you take original photos for you blogs so that we know that your blogs are real?

Because it’s not worth the time or effort

Don’t you think you are immature to insult the people who send photos that help make your site interesting?


What would you do if they stopped sending you photos and you had nothing to blog about?


Why do you lie about Hello Kitty so much?

Apparently, I see the world a bit differently than you…

Don’t you think it’s disrespectful to your wife to constantly put down something she loves?

No, it’s honest.

Why are you so insecure of your masculinity to not be able to wear anything Hello Kitty?

See, I knew I would regret this…

How often does it occur to you that you’re promoting Hello Kitty by keeping this blog? (-:

It doesn’t. Then again, I don’t think like a Hello Kitty fanatic…

What do your friends think of your wife’s Hello Kitty obsession?

They think “Wow, my life could be a whole lot worse. Thank your wife for making me realize this.”

Can you tell us how you and your wife met?

My private life, with the exception of instances that relate to Hello Kitty and therefore this blog, is exactly that.

Can you list any redeeming qualities that your wife has?

See above. If it doesn’t have to do with Hello Kitty and my rants, it doesn’t go up on this blog.

You are the biggest pussy whipped guy I have ever seen. Why don’t you grow some balls and just divorce your wife?

And you, dear reader, are an ignorant idiot. You read about a tiny slice of my life and decide that from that you have the right to tell me how to live it and what I should do? Quite frankly, it’s none of your damn business, but when you agree to tell me about one part of your life and from that, I get to determine what you should do in every other aspect your life, then I’ll gladly answer this question for you.

Are there Hello Kitty products that are not worth the time to blog about?

I blog about less than 10% of the Hello Kitty products that end at my house or in my email box.

What has this site done for you?

It’s a blog where I rant about Hello Kitty. Nothing more, nothing less.

What are you accomplishing by ranting?

I keep my sanity. Obviously, many people take this blog much more seriously than I do…

If you hate Hello Kitty so much, why do you spend so much time blogging about her?

I spend very little time on this blog.

If you’re so anti Hello Kitty, then why do you have advertisements on your website selling Hello Kitty stuff? Isn’t that a bit hypocritical?

Because Hello Kitty fanatics don’t know how to use Google and it helps keep their whining requests out of my email box.

Did you ever think that your blog could reach so many people of so many parts of the world and so many different interests?

It has revealed that there are far too many Hello Kitty fanatics in the world.

How long have you been living in Hello Kitty Hell?

A couple years longer than this blog has existed.

Are there any items left in your house that haven’t been kittified yet?

Yes, but my wife is dutifully working on it.

How do you keep your home clean if you have so much HK stuff?

Lots of Hello Kitty cleaning supplies…

How did you avoid getting signed up for the Hello Kitty online beta?

Even my wife realises that there is no freakin way I’ll spend my free time on a Hello Kitty online game.

Do you ever want to just put a bullet in your head from all the dumb questions and dumber HK items that are made?

Everyday, but then I remember I’ll likely be buried under a Hello Kitty tombstone and I resist.

Is there any HK thing on earth that you may possibly like? I mean those really produced by Sanrio.


Does your wife have a blog?

No, thank god…

How much do you think your wife spends on hello kitty every year?

I don’t think as this would undoubtedly send me someplace where they have Hello Kitty straight jackets…

Can we see a picture of the happy couple?

No — I’d rather my face not be associated with Hello Kitty in any way…

176 thoughts on “HKH FAQs

  1. Cool of you to post not just your frustrations of living in HK overload but also thinking of those of us arriving at your vent in our search for HK stuff.I went through a tween years collecting small amounts of Sanrio stuff phase.I now go online looking for HK stuff for a young tween relative who get HK stuff as rewards putting up with medical treatments.I thank you for you vent leading me to more things she will love.Now my wish is that Spottie Dottie was easier to find just she has other things she would like without it always being HK.

  2. I have been following this blog for almost 3 years now. I am not a fanatic or even like Hello Kitty. I find your blog amusing. Whenever I am down or in a bad mood I go on your blog. The problems, new items and insanity of the face-less kitty is just one of the best cheer ups I have ever came across. The FAQs just killed me xD Especially the part about Darlene xD
    I honestly enjoy your blog, please continue your reports from Hello Kitty Hell. Thumbs up, it’s gonna be ok 😉

  3. I have to say this is the funniest blog I have ever read. Some people make the most stupid remarks about leaving the poor cat alone, and some people saying shut the hell up! Im a big fan of both the groups!

  4. Its fine if you hate HK there are lots of other people who love her so one person and one blog won’t stop HK and her fans will never stop loving her. Bre bre shut up nones not takin out her anger ok she’s just being herself.and Bre Bre I may 11 years old but I have a lot of things that I can tell you a whole lot of shit which you don’t want to hear but I’ll start off by saying you need to see a phsychaiatrist…..

  5. First of all, I love HK. I stumbled upon this site while searching for pictures of Hello Kitty for my neice. I just cannot believe some of the silly things people are saying on here. I mean, honestly, if you don’t like the site…leave. If you find the site offensive…leave. Who cares if it’s fake? How can a blog be fake though? A blog is a page for someone to write, talk, blab…whatever. Anyways I could care less if this person does this or that. I mean what is wrong with the world where we have to judge people so much!? Some people like HK, and some don’t. I think it’s amusing how serious some people have gotten on here. I mean is it really necessary to make fun of someone’s grammer ( they could be 7 years old…REMEMBER…HELLO KITTY originally was a toy line…??? ANYWAYS, I would just like to remind everyone that words are just words and nothing more…BREATH. IT WILL BE OK. LIFE GOES ON.

  6. HK roxx!
    Invented in Japan Sanrio 76/77YR & they brought HER bk as a hotty speaking of hott SHE is sold @sooo many hip places/stores ie HoTTopic ETC & NOT just in a kiddy area/sections! Speaking of mostbyoungbkids thoughtvSHZecwas a NEW cute character for kidz so there I have it once a fan it pretty much stands i know 50 yr olds that still adore HER!
    Check out the webbysites esp SANRiO that created HK & has sum of the jewelrey is priced over a few Gs a lil too much IMO ie diamond pendants/bracelets/necklaces & the rest of HER hundreds of items R NOT cheap ETC thats MY 1 complaint!
    but as they always say “U get what U pay for! “:) & lastly BuT not least designer BabyPhat designr Kimora Simmons also promotes HER bigggy time!
    Well im a fan/addict HA!
    NoT really much else to say for now that is ??

  7. Sorry Mr.HKH but I love Hello Kitty and I think I should be friends with your wife(don’t worry I’m only 11) she can be like the Hello Kitty loving aunt I never had I have a lot of aunts but none of them love Hello Kitty as much as your wife so what do you think 😀

  8. Oh and I have a Blackberry 8520 and I have a Hello Kitty theme everything is Hello Kitty as I’m typing to you right now everything is pink and I have a Hello Kitty keyring on da side of my phone its in the phone I LOVE HELLO KITTY!

  9. I really wanna know where can I buy this hello kitty wedding ring for a girl that I love her so much as for her heart too!!! I need to know where can I buy this ring really PLEASE!!! If you do email me ASAP with info about how to purchase it. Please help me on this. I really wanna propose her with that ring please!!
    This is the link the will appear a pic of it. That’s the one I wanna buy this for her and give her a big surprise not just for her but for her sweet angel heart too <3

    Please help me!!!


  10. I wouldnt say I’m a fanatic, but I do like hello kitty. However, if I were to be in your shoes, I probably would hate her too. I just wanted to say I think this blog is fantastic, and I respect your derision to keep your private life private. the blog is hilarious, please ignore the stupid spammers and continue on with it forever XD

  11. I wuv hello kitty! i got an ordinary HK logo tattoo on my ankle and i get compliments on it sooo much, even by ppl who don’t know what hello kitty is. But i love your blog! Keep posting because it definitely cracks my husband and i up!

  12. Damn o.o talk about annoying questions.
    I mean some of them don’t even make sense.
    For example, just because someone doesn’t wear a particular brand or something doesn’t mean they’re insecure about themselves, it means that in their opinion they DON’T WANT TO.
    But apparently you’re insecure about your masculinity so you don’t wear hello kitty. (where did the logic go?)
    I think the majority of people in the world lack common sense…and logic.

  13. I don’t understand why fans would buy branded items when the trademark is a pen-scrawled cat. Why not just buy some marker pens and draw cats on everything (they own)? What (smug b*st*rd) owns the HK trademark anyway?

  14. I love Hello Kitty, however I love your blog! Keep it up, for my mom keeps getting me Hello Kitty to put my husband through hell. The weapons are my favorite.

  15. I have to research hello kitty for my textiles work and I can’t find anywhere that tells me why people use hello kitty in their designs, can you help me please?? xxx

  16. A year or more ago, while dealing with a teenager, I asked a friend what was meant to be a rhetorical question. ‘Does it get worse?’ And she murmured ‘Yes. Hello Kitty Hell.’ I laughed and said that yes, that did sound worse and thank goodness it didn’t exist. Whereupon she assured me it was an actual site. (Actually, as my friend is a bit strange and obsessed with LOL cats she emailed a reminder- “The interwebz iz magikal, try it owt”). I forgot about it promptly, directly after writing a tiny stickie note. These festoon my desk, reminding me of the many many non-productive ways my LOL friend thinks I should use my time. Today, for some reason… 3AM insomnia decisions…I looked. Of the many examples of dry wit, the FAQ’s I think are my favorite. Especially after reading comments…..
    “Because Hello Kitty fanatics don’t know how to use Google and it helps keep their whining requests out of my email box.”
    Kudos to you and your sense of humor/ability to deal with life, idiots, and long may your blog reign. I mean, you could have taken the route of muttering to vegetables at the market and scaring random passersby, this seems a pretty well-adjusted coping mechanism. And hysterically funny from over here 😀

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