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Hello Kitty Body Shaped Mineral Water

It’s bad enough when stuff gets Hello Kittified, but it takes on a whole new level of Hello Kitty scariness when the evil feline decides to try to add sexiness into the equation as well. There is no other way to explain the concept of this Hello Kitty mineral water:

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Hello Kitty Beer

Hello Kitty Hell just got a whole lot worse…There was a time when I said that the only two things that that had yet to be Hello Kittified were pizza and beer. Of course, the Hello Kitty pizza showed up in my mailbox pretty quickly after that, but the Hello Kitty beer had remained more elusive until now:

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Hello Kitty Lady Gaga Hair Bow

When you live in Hello Kitty Hell, you soon learn that there are way too many people that actually want to be Hello Kitty, so I guess that it really shouldn’t be a surprise that people would do something like take their hair and make it into a Hello Kitty bow:

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Hello Kitty Bloody Knife Wielding Tattoo

It’s been awhile since our last Hello Kitty tattoo (although there have been far to many sent my way – if you have any doubt that Hello Kitty fanatics take things just a bit too far, all you need to do is see all the Hello Kitty tattoos out there), and even though there can be no such things as a “good” Hello Kitty tattoo, at least I can show one that brings out the true spirit of the evil … Continue reading

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Hello Kitty MAC Make-Up Collection Male Model

Any normal person would assume that MAC coming out with a full Hello Kitty line of cosmetics would be as bad as something could get — until they viewed the MAC Hello Kitty video whereupon they would reflect on their naivety and concede that it had just gotten worse (but assume that it had now gotten as bad as it could). Of course, this greatly underestimates the lengths that the evil feline will go to make sure that all normal … Continue reading

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Where To Find Hello Kitty Converse Hightops (and anything else on this blog)

As many of you have noticed, I have not posted in awhile. This was not due to there being a lack of the evil feline goods making their way into my life to increase the Hello Kitty Hell I live in or which to rant about, but because of a bet I made with my wife. She once again (at the unfortunate urging of Hello Kitty fanatics that believe this blog is disrespectful to both my wife and Hello Kitty) … Continue reading

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