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Hello Kitty Washcloth

Apparently, the evil feline believes it’s necessary to educate Hello Kitty fanatics on hygiene and cleanliness in the bathtub or shower. Why does it not surprise me that this is the way she goes about doing it? Sent in by arlinora (via engrlishfunny)

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Hello Kitty Holiday Photo Dump

It’s that time of the week. You once again have the opportunity to spare yourself from the horror that the evil feline has to offer this week. Simply go outside and do something productive and fun. Your other choice is to click on the links below to all those photos that didn’t make the front page. If you choose the later, consider inviting some of your visiting relatives to share in the horror so they can better appreciate all they … Continue reading

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Hello Kitty Target

When my wife and I travel back to the US, there are certain places that I do my best to keep her away from. One of those places is Target. The following photo should make clear why: Sent in by Elizabeth

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Hello Kitty Thanksgiving Turkey

The Hello Kitty turkey was bad, but to take it to a literal level is something only a Hello Kitty fanatic would do — and of course, one did. This is why you never want to have Thanksgiving with anyone that loves the evil feline, and I can say that I am extremely thankful that I live in Japan where they don’t celebrate this holiday. Otherwise, I would probably also have to deal with something like the Hello Kitty Thanksgiving … Continue reading

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Hello Kitty Kidney

Seriously, what is the fascination with Hello Kitty and her internal parts (Hello Kitty organs — Hello Kitty skeleton, Hello Kitty X-rays and worst of all, Hello Kitty in your own body)? Sent in by Laura

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Hello Kitty Bottle Bottled Water

It started off with Hello Kitty bottled water and most people figured that would be enough to satisfy the Hello Kitty fanatics. Not Sanrio. In the unfortunate and misguided belief that the evil feline can be sexy, Sanrio introduced another line of water bottled in Hello Kitty body shaped bottles. Though we all looked to the forces of reason to stop things there (and without even getting into the absurdity of Hello Kitty skin water), stopping there would disregard the … Continue reading

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Wedding Dress

Even worse than people asking me to be a Hello Kitty wedding planner is the thought that one day I will have to hear about the concrete plans for my own Hello Kitty wedding. I make every attempt not to write anything about Hello Kitty wedding related stuff because it inevitable leads to trouble. When my wife and I got married, her Hello Kitty fanaticism had yet to kick in, and not having a Hello Kitty wedding is something that … Continue reading

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Hello Kitty Airplane

The nightmare for anyone who travels is to somehow find themselves stuck at a Hello Kitty airport getting ready to board a Hello Kitty airplane. For those who live in Hello Kitty Hell and have managed to avoid this fate, the people at Eva Air felt (for some unfathomable reason) that people would like to see in detail how they went about and destroyed one of the planes in their fleet: Sent in by Karin

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Hello Kitty Turkey

It’s not difficult to spot a child of a Hello Kitty fanatic. I’ve always complained that after Halloween and the evil feline’s birthday, Hello Kitty jumps straight into Christmas, but if this is what Thanksgiving would be like, maybe I should rethink that position… Sent in my Martha

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Hello Kitty Reflector

My wife has failed in her attempts to get me a Hello Kitty bike with Hello Kitty bike tires, but that has not stopped her from trying to Hello Kittify my current bike. Her latest attempt was placing this reflector of the evil feline on the back of both of our bikes. While my wife insists that the Hello Kitty reflector is there for safety reasons, my guess is that having this on our bikes has greatly increased the potential … Continue reading

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Weekly Update

It’s once again that time of the week where you have the choice of leaving this blog and enjoying your weekend, or inflicting pain and torture upon yourself by looking at all the horrifying additions that didn’t make the front page this week. A bit of advice — just because there is a car wreck doesn’t mean that you have to look… Hello Kitty Luggage (update) Hello Kitty Hat and Mittens Hello Kitty Flowers (update) Hello Kitty Hangers Hello Kitty … Continue reading

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Hello Kitty Hat and Mittens

The people at Sanrio seem to do everything in their power to make my life miserable in winter. The pink set arrived at our house yesterday and is a perfect example to illustrate this point…

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Hello Kitty Hangers

One of the many problems of living in Hello Kitty Hell is that there are far too many unexpected (usually of the horrifying variety) surprises. One would assume that the clothes in my closet would be safe from these events, but I found out a few minutes ago that is not the case when I opened it up to see that all my regular wire hangers had been replaced with Hello Kitty hangers. Yet another step down into the depths … Continue reading

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Hello Kitty Earbuds

While it pains me to no end to use the terms “Hello Kitty” and “practical” in the same sentence, Hello Kitty earbuds do seem more practical than Hello Kitty earbud charms. That being said, Hello Kitty earbuds also seem like a practical torture device. Simply attach them to a Hello Kitty device that will blind, and inflict excruciating pain by playing the Hello Kitty theme song: Sent in by kyla

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Hello Kitty Fanatic Significant Other Photo

The worst part of having a Hello Kitty fanatic as a significant other is that they think that taking photos of you with Hello Kitty things is cute. If you are naive enough to indulge this urge of the Hello Kitty fanatic, you end up with photos like this of you holding a Hello Kitty bath mat and awkwardly smiling toward the camera:

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Hello Kitty Hoodie

You would think that once Halloween was over that everyone could feel safe from the horror of having Hello Kitty fanatics dress up as the evil feline. Sanrio, in all their evilness, has other ideas. In an effort to torture all non Hello Kitty fanatics into submission, Sanrio wants to make dressing up as Hello Kitty an everyday event. There could be no other possible explanation for the Hello Kitty hoodie… Sent in by sneakers

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Hello Kitty Punisher Tattoo

I knew it was only a matter of time before something like this showed up in my email. For any normal person, it would be hard to imagine anything worse than getting a Hello Kitty tattoo. That would be greatly underestimating the horror that the evil feline can produce. Anyone living in Hello Kitty Hell knows that things can always get worse, and this matching pair of Hello Kitty Punisher tattoos is a perfect example:

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Hello Kitty Sex Doll Harem (possibly NSFW)

One would think that it would be impossible to make a harem of sex dolls stored in the closet any creepier, but that is definitely not the case. That’s because when you place a large Hello Kitty plush on the top shelf to watch over them and a Hello Kitty night light on the floor so they don’t get scared at night, you pretty much have put together the creepiest room possible. To keep my sanity and prevent countless nightmares, … Continue reading

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Free Hello Kitty Optical Mouse and Mousepad

First, the posts and updates that happened this past week that weren’t mentioned on the front page: Hello Kitty Girl Mike Carroll Skateboard Decks Hello Kitty Assault Rifle (update) Hello Kitty Schoolgirl Hello Kitty LCD TV (update) And now onto the contest…

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Hello Kitty Girl Mike Carroll Skateboard Decks

The evil feline knows how to make a generation of real skateboarders want to purposely road rash themselves to death. When Hello Kitty gets the endorsement of Hilary Duff for skateboarding, skateboarders can roll their eyes knowing that their sport is safe and has nothing to worry about. When Mike Carroll creates Hello Kitty skateboard decks for Girl, you know that Hello Kitty has no mercy when recruiting members to the dark side… Sent in by danny.

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